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    My husband and I are atheists, and my family is but his is not (except his sister, but none of them go to church). We celebrate Christmas with presents and easter with family, but we do not do the religious aspects of any holiday. Maeby is 3 and we have never brought up God or Jesus with her, and we don't plan to. I never got a religious education, but I lived in a very religious and Catholic town so I knew what was what. We would prefer that she share our beliefs and don't plan to educate her about religion as well. If she decides later to be religious, it would be hard for me because I see it very cult like and often times hypocritical, but that would be her choice. We will see what she starts asking in the future when she gets more exposed. So far it has been fine and people generally respect our feelings, even our very religious preschool teacher who is praying for us!
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    My DH & I identify as being agnostic atheists as well and are approaching it the same way. We'll answer any questions he has but ultimately it's up to him if he decides to follow a religion and which one.
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    I'm not a parent, but just to toss my two cents in. The household I've grown up in is not religious. Both of my parents have had pasts with the church and personal and family tragedies that kept them from taking my two sisters and I to church, except occasionally on Christmas Eve with my grandmother. Through incredible friends I came to know Christ on my own at 15 and officially became a Christian between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I'm now a 17-year-old senior, and my family is still supportive non-believers. I've finally found an incredible church and church family who guide me spiritually, and was baptized this summer. Just as it's somewhat common for children to turn away from the faith of their parents, it's fully possible for kids to turn away from their family's lack of faith! Something to think about...
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    I think I'd just explain to them what I believe and then show them other types of religion/atheism and explain the different belief systems that go with them. They'll probably be baptised into some sort of Christian faith like I was but my family aren't church goers and we have an easy going approach to religion, so whatever my kids decided to believe in the future (provided it wasn't something extremist! lol) would be fine by me.

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    My husband and I are also non-believers but we're raising the children to be Catholic mainly because if we didn't my MIL would probably stop talking to us and we want her to be part of our children's lives. I figure when our children are older then we'll be honest with them but for now we just go along with things and occasionally attend church. We don't really fill their heads with stuff about Christianity but we don't correct them if they talk about God either. My MIL has her heart set on my son being a priest so we'll see what he ends up choosing when he's old enough to really think about all the information.
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