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  • Jonquil

    25 28.09%
  • Larkspur

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  • Lotus

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  • Peony

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  • Poinsettia

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Thread: Hothouse Blooms

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    I love Lotus and Larkspur and I know girls with both names. Larkspur is Anastasia Larkspur but she goes exclusively by Larkspur (her mother has a mild case of Asperger's (think I spelled wrong) and she is very awkward socially and flat doesn't care that's it's so unusual). She doesn't even shorten it down to Lark. Just Larkspur and everyone's used to it and it's not too bad. Her brother is Peregrine Tempest (he was almost Nightingale before me and her husband talked her down. Took a lot of doing).

    The other is Lotus Avalon (with brother Kaydrien Voltaire. Terrible first name). And there was a little sibset in Mcdonald's not long ago named Lotus and Angel.

    I just wanted you to know those names are being used! For fancy flowers, I really like Forsythia. There was one in the daycare I worked at. No one had a problem with it and all the kids (she was in the 3 year old room) could say it. She was a little genius so I love it. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    @Stripedsocks, yes, please, any additional unusual botanicals would be great! I love the sound of Asphodel, but I do think it might be tough to wear. Monarda is an interesting one... could be an alternative to Monica, though, I suppose!

    @Remy, I'm happy to hear of some of these names being used! I actually really like Lotus in a vacuum, but I have a bad personal association with one I know IRL. Love the Forsythia story.

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    Larkspur is really the only one that caught my eye...

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    Oooh, yay!

    Okay here I go, obscure botanicals I find usable enough to consider myself, but feel free to be honest about what you think of them, I'd appreciate it:

    1) Tillandsia - this is air-plant. It's a plant that's always seemed nearly magical to me. Fascinated me since I was a child. Some people find air-plants and mosses (it's related to Spanish moss) terrible, but I like Moss (for a boy) as well. Seems like a fascinatingly unexpected way to Tillie... or to Andie...?

    2) Tamarix - The Latin name for the very-similar Tamarisk tree. Frothy pink flowers, but bone hardy. Pretty tree, and far rarer name than, say, Magnolia. Tamarix as a name feels like a spin on Beatrix to me.

    3) Kalmia. A flowering laurel native to my homestate, in fact the State Flower. The flowers look like those red-and-white peppermint candies. They are poisonous, but so are half the lilies, and I don't see anyone complaining about Lily.

    4) Ixora - Jungle Flame, Jungle Geranium, West Indian Jasmine. A beautiful tropical flower with an interesting sort of name, at least to me. Very beautiful and lush. Similar to names like Izora or Azura or Isidora... it feels name-shaped? I like to think it could be usable. I've never heard of it actually being used though.

    5) Calanthe - a sub-category of orchids. I don't find Orchid all that attractive as a given name, but I'm fond of Calanthe.
    It's derived from Greek kalos- "beautiful" and anthos- "flower" and was a name and then a flower and could reasonably be a name again... but not one you hear often. I admit a weakness for all the Greek girls' names that end in "e."

    I have more but I don't want to wear out my welcome. Thanks for the thread, it's been lovely.

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