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    Really need your help - Sabrina or Samantha? - DD due in a month :)

    Hi all!

    I need your help please - We need a name for our DD due in a month and we're struggling to choose between Sabrina (no clear nn yet) and Samantha (nn Sammie)

    Samantha seems very popular while Sabrina is definitely more unusual (even if I dislike the nickname Bree) but we really like both names and are completely torn.

    I'd seriously appreciate your impressions of each name and to know which you've chosen and why - it'd really help us out.


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    I adore Sabrina. It just feels light, pretty, pixie-like to me. I like the image of Audrey Hepburn, though I don't find the name "Audrey" appealling (much prefer Sabrina). I like the mythology aspect, it gives it some weight beyond just being light and pretty. It's a little bit feline in it's imagery to me, but not in the sort of way where it works better on a cat than a girl, just in a way that makes me think of something very graceful and curious with big eyes.

    Samantha is... fine. I've known a lot more Samanthas, and it's not a bad name. I like the "th" aspect. It doesn't do a lot for me though. It's not a name that would make anyone's hair fall out with horror. I've known ones that range from my age-ish (30) down to little tiny kids. It's still in the Top Hundred I believe, which I always find weird.

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    I agree with everything the above poster said. I much prefer Sabrina to Samantha. As a nickname, I would probably use Bree or Bria. You might also like the name Sabina. It would avoid the nn Bree if you really don't care for it.
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    I really dislike Samantha. It's to old fashioned for my taste. But I know a couple Sabrina's and only one has a NN. Which is Brina.

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    Love Sabrina! It's fun and spunky. If you aren't fussed on Bree as a nn you could use Brina, B, Nina. Sabrina doesn't really need to have a nn in my opinion. Alternative could be Serena?
    Not a fan of Samantha, it feels really dated. If you like nn Sam or Sammie you could go for Samara as an alternative?
    Best of luck!

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