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    Cost Of A New Born

    Hello All!

    A few quick questions. I know a few families with babies who use Dreft, and a few who don't. It is so much more expensive than regular detergent, and I'm wondering if it is worth it. I had sensitive skin as a child, and babies have such sensitive skin as it is. So I'd be nervous about using anything with scent. So I'm wondering if I should go with just an unscented arm and hammer or if I should do the Dreft? What do you moms think?

    Also, I'm trying to figure out if we should stock up on a few things before baby gets here, and if you have any suggestions. I'd like to not have to really buy anything baby-related for the first 3 month or so, while I am not working. I haven't even had my shower yet and we already have plenty of clothes! We have a crib and travel system, and an extra car seat, breast pump... Pretty much most of the basics. I may need to get a few other things if I don't get them for the shower. I'm waiting to see how many packages of diapers and what sizes I get before getting any. I will be breast feeding, so there should be no cost as far as that goes. Does anyone have any other ideas of things we might need in the first few months? Or other expenses in the first few months that you didnt expect?


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    I never used Dreft. I did use Tide Free and Clear or Wegman's free and clear with my daughter who has sensitive skin and I'm not sure what I used with my son but probably anything that was on sale.
    I think not buying anything for three months might be tricky. Babies grow at different rates so if you try to purchase all the diapers you'll need for three months you could end up with way too many or not enough in a particular size. We did mostly cloth but I got a whole mess of disposable diapers for my shower. However my son already was already too big for the newborn sized diapers the day we came home from the hospital and past the size ones by a month. I think he was in size three already when we went on a vacation when he was three months old. However my niece was still fitting in a size two at like nine months since she's tiny. At two years old she wears a size three diaper while her younger brother who is a year old wears size fours.
    If it's a money issue and not wanting to buy anything when you're not working then perhaps stock up on gift cards now so you won't need to use money to buy the diapers. Also if you're planning on going back to work you'll need some bottles and accessories to introduce a bottle before you go back. Some random things we realized that we needed in the first three months were swaddlers with Velcro since my son only slept while swaddled and could break out of a blanket, a little Fisher Price toy that made wave noises and helped him sleep and extra covers for the changing pad since he kept peeing on them (we found three to work well). Also make sure you have all the basic hygiene stuff like baby bath, nail file, thermometer, baby Tylenol and scent free baby lotion. However if you are concerned mostly about spending money then gift cards would work for random expenses too. If you don't want to leave the house for three months to shop for baby stuff then you can order almost anything baby related (including diapers) on Amazon.
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    Thanks so much for the tips!

    The gift card idea was very good, since we may not know what size diapers we will need in advance! I am not working for now and don't plan on working for at least 3 months after he is here. Even after that, I am planning on just nannying for a couple days a week, as I was a nanny prior to finding out I was pregnant. I dont want to leave my little guy with anyone! We are fine financially until then, and will have money in savings for anything extra we may need during that time too. I just want to try and be as best stocked as we can be before hand, so as to not need to spend a bunch of money in th first few months. If that makes sense

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    I have an allergy to the scent they put in Laundry Detergent but we all use scent free Arm and Hammer, including the baby. She's fine too.

    I spent like $50-80 total in the last 6 months since she was born. I got so many diapers and wipes I still have wipes from my shower. They grow out of newborn diapers so fast you're going to want lots of size 1 and 2. Also, tummy medicine. Gripe Water was a lifesaver to me. I could give Persephone like, half a dropper and she would fall immediately to sleep. You can get it at Wal-Mart in the baby section. Diaper rash cream and burp cloths. I didn't get enough of either and needed them. Pajama's and light blankets and swaddle blankets. I used tons of swaddle blankets. Baby mittens too. They scratch themselves otherwise. And Socks. Tons of socks. She looses them so often because she kicks them off. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Full disclosure: I'm a huge cheapskate...

    Our youngest has really, really sensitive skin (had a weird rashy reaction at the hospital after his first bath) but we have never used anything special in terms of laundry detergent and he's been fine. I wouldn't bother with it.

    Don't buy too many diapers beforehand; it's hard to know. Stock up on wipes if you feel like you've found a good deal somewhere.

    One thing I used all the time at first and wished I had a few more of was the Aden & Anais swaddler thingy I bought for Zach. They're pricey at about $20 each (new) but worth it for the early months. But now that he's outgrown the 0-3 months one (& it's also winter) we put him in a fleece sleepsack at night. It fits over his pajamas and zips up; there are holes for his head and arms. You can actually find sleepsacks at Goodwill or other secondhand store sometimes, but I've never seen a muslin swaddler (Aden & Anais) thingy at a secondhand store, unfortunately.

    One thing I definitely didn't need was a special diaper bag (just used a backpack so my husband wouldn't rebel against the whole idea of a diaper bag). We're also using a secondhand portable crib (like a Pack-n-Play) instead of a regular crib; it was $20 at a garage sale and is perfectly fine for the first year or so.
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