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Thread: Calling Dibs?

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    Calling Dibs?

    What are your thoughts of calling dibs on a family surname? A few years ago I wanted to use my mom's maiden name as a first name if I had a girl (I had a boy). I'm pregnant again but only a few weeks so I haven't told anyone. My cousin (our moms are sisters) just posted on Facebook that she is calling dibs on the surname (which is also her middle name) and says she'd be devastated if someone used it. It's her special bond between her and her mother. She's not even pregnant. I feel the name is just as special to me because it is also my moms maiden name and I'd like to honor my grandfather. He didn't have any sons to carry on the name. Thankfully, at the moment I would use the surname as a middle name so I don't see a problem. But do you think it's right or even fair to call dibs on a family surname- especially when you're not even pregnant?

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    That's ridiculous. You can't "call dibs" on a family surname. It's your mother's maiden name, and you have just as much right to use it as your cousin. When the time comes, tell her to suck it up.

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    I think it is ridiculous, you cannot use call dibs on a name if you are not expecting. You cannot say "do not use a family name because I want to use it". First come, first served. Especially since it is a family name, it is not a name that is solely hers, it belongs to all of y'all.
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    First come, first serve, in my opinion, use it. Your cousin will get over it or she could use it as a middle name too if it's so important to her.

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    I worked out with my sister how we could split family names/honouring people so that we wouldn't have too many double-ups. Neither of us was pregnant (though both of us would like to be). It was voluntary though, not really shrieky and demanding.

    It worked out really well, actually, since my husband vetoed a few names us girls both liked and at least I know they're going to good homes.

    Anyhow, the loudest, most irritating person I know who dibsed a name and carried on about ANYONE using it - and it was in the local Top Ten at the time for added levels of hilariously wrong - actually didn't end up using it. I joke that after all the scenes she made, she should have HAD to name it that.

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