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    Sibling names for Madelyn and Alicia

    A friend of mine has 4 young cousins, all girls aged 5, 4, 3 and 2.

    The 4 year old is called Alicia (pronounced Al-iss-ee-a)
    The 2 year old is called Madelyn (Mad-eh-lin)

    I know the other two's names but what do you think Madelyn and Alicia's siblings are called?

    Also what do you think of their names?

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    I love the way Alicia is pronounced, and I have liked Madelyn for a while. I don't love Madelyn, but it has grown on me.
    I would think of Natalie or Natalia as a good sib name. Also:
    Naomi or Heidi
    Ruby or Violet
    Cora or Caroline
    Claire or Clara
    Victoria or Rebecca

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