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    I really like the friend word for January, which is Janvier. It LOOKS a lot like Javier, which I don't like, but it sounds SO pretty. jhan-vee-ay. I also like the way the French pronounce Violet/Violette - vee-oh-let. I think that a LOT of French words are so pretty-sounding and would make wonderful names. <33
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    Malheureuse/Malheureux is such a beautiful word. I also really like Parapluie (umbrella), Mélange (blend), Pamplemousse (grapefruit) and Escargot (snail).
    Bwahaha! Who doesn't love Pamplemousse? It's much more of a surname though. :-)
    How about Pantoufles? Papillon? Champs-Élysées? Bourgeoisie? Dénouement? Soixante-six?

    [QUOTE And lastly, some Greenlandic ones: Aleqa (older sister to a boy), Issiavik (chair), Nerrivik (table) and Pappiala (paper).[/QUOTE]

    But in Greenland, these would be illegal as names, right?

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    I did my schooling in French and was always frustrated by not having "améliorer" as a word in English (and then was elated when I discovered "ameliorate" is a thing).
    In Spanish, I really like "paisaje." It doesn't roll off the tongue as a name so well.

    Like Natália, I think Alma is a gorgeous word-as-name, I love the meaning. I do prefer the sound and feel of Alba, but Alma definitely has a charm due to the "soul" part.
    I would use Amparo in a heartbeat. I used to live in the Valencian Community, so I feel a sentimental tie to Amparo; it means "Shelter" in Spanish.
    Pastora I love a lot, but I have a weird infatuation with shepherding and transhumance, so that makes sense. I'm hard-pressed to find support in this name, though
    Mar- it's so simple and strong
    Marjolaine is one I've liked since high school. We had an exchange student come from France and this was her name, and it stuck with me. I'd never use Marjoram in English, but Marjolaine is so pretty to me.
    I also love the sound of Ibaia for a girl (which means "a river"), but it isn't used as a name (Ibai for a boy is, though).

    For boys:
    Pau- it's just Paul in Catalan for a boy, but on a girl, it means 'Peace'/ is the word for peace in Catalan. It's kind of a political statement on a girl, but it's a great meaning. I can live with it being Paul... because how fun is it to say?!
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    Lucia- Amparo is my grandmother's MN (and the name she goes by) and Pastora is my MIL's name!
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    I can't think of any right now except for
    Ciel (see-EL) which is French for sky, I believe. I think it'd make the cutest boys name!
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