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  • Elsa Merrigan

    24 40.00%
  • Margaret Lillian "Mae"

    36 60.00%
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    Hm. I actually really like the name Elsa, although it's definitely going to get a sharp boost from the new Disney movie. Margaret isn't my favorite full name, but it's got a load of adorable nicknames (my favorite being Maisie). You can't go wrong with either, although Margaret would work best if you're planning to name a son Robert.

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    I would change Margaret to Margot, it is much more glamorous than plain old Margaret.

    I voted for Elsa and Elsa Merrigan is a good combo I do have a big soft spot for Ellen and Elise though.
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    Definitely Margaret Lillian. Beautiful combination!
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    Margaret for me too.

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    How about Elsa Lillian?

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