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    I love your idea of Wren Louise. I'm not a fan of Wren Amelia, but only because I wouldn't want the initials WAR. Here are a few other suggestions:

    Wren Olivia Rubinoff
    Wren Eleanor Rubinoff
    Wren Sadie Rubinoff
    Wren Penelope Rubinoff
    Wren Josephine Rubinoff
    Winter, Phoebe, Gray, Juniper
    Fraser, Fisher, Arthur, Birch

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    Good catch with the initials WAR. Didn't even think of that. What about a two-syllable name, so the syllables go 1-2-3?

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    I like Wren Amelia much better than Wren Louise, actually! And I think it sounds better with your surname. I've always loved Ophelia, Aurelia, and Camille with Wren--maybe one of those? or even Olivia? Wren Olivia Rubinoff? I think that's gorgeous, actually.
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    My first thought was Amelia, actually, before I even read the body! Wren Amelia Rubinoff is beautiful, and Wren Rubinoff sounds like a superhero.
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