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    I need a girls name that doesn't end in a short "A" or long "EEE" sound

    Hi All,

    I'm pregnant with twins, and we just found out that they are both girls! My number 1 girls name has always been Tabitha. I just love, love, love it. I'm trying to find another name that coordinates with it, but is not matchy matchy. But this is proving to be challenging.

    Our last name ends in an I (long E "eee" sound), and I don't want a first name that also ends in this sound. Too cutesy for me. I also kind of don't want another name that also ends in a short "a" sound, like Tabitha. So together that cuts out a GIANT chunk of girls names.

    Can you offer some suggestions?

    Here are some other names that I really like, just not necessarily for a set of twins with a Tabitha.

    Scarlett (I actually really like this one, and has the ending sounds I'm looking for, but I'm worried it's getting too popular)
    Clio (I also really like this, but we can't use this because my husband's cousin is naming their child a very similar name)

    We also have a son named Jasper. Yes, I know Jasper is a vampire and Tabitha is a witch (and of Jasper is a dog and Tabitha is a cat), but that doesn't bother me. We are sticking with Tabitha for one of the names.

    Thanks for your help!


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