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    Marcellus and Redmond are kind of cute, the rest I can barely pronounce.

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    Aemilius -- This is fine as a middle, but I don't see it working in the front. It's a bit awkward. Cool looking though.
    Alberich -- I like this as a first name. Normal nicknames of Rich, Abe, Albie... Very cool
    Antonius -- This is obviously usable. I don't like it too much, but it's handsome in an exotic way.
    Apollonios -- Love it! Very handsome and usable IMO. Apollonia is considered usable.
    Augustinus -- Meh. It's a little much. Augustus is great so this just takes it a step far
    Barthelemy -- Love this! I love Bartholomew too so this is very awesome to me.
    Berinhard -- I like Berin, but I don't like hard
    Edric -- Yes. This is usuable and very neat with two common nicknames
    Emilien -- Love it! I know a guy named I Emilian (I like it this way). He's one of the boys in the Romani family I'm sort of acquainted with. Everyone in his family has awesome names.
    Faunus -- O_O I don't think I've seen anyone else who likes this name. I like it in the middle but if Fauna is usable for girls, why not?
    Josephus -- Obviously usable. I prefer just Joseph though.
    Marcellus -- I don't like it but it's very usable with Marc as a nickname
    Phoebus -- All I think of it Phoebus Apollo and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think it'd be neat in the middle
    Redmond -- Obviously usable but boring compared to everything else on the list
    Severin -- Love love this name! I wish people would use it!
    Theodorus -- This name makes me smile
    Theodosius -- This name takes it too far. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thanks everyone!

    dantea, I'm pleased to hear your thoughts! You have great taste in names.
    I'm surprised to see some more love for Barthelemy as it was shot down in a previous thread!
    I too associate Phoebus with The Hunchback of Notre Dame but I still love it! If girls can have Phoebe why can't the boys have Phoebus?
    I'm warming more and more towards Severin!
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    I love Edric.
    I like Theodorus.
    I dislike Berinhard.

    DBF just suggested Severin to me last night. It's okay, but I told him Soren or bust
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    Can anyone explain the appeal of Severin? I'd like to like it, but it means severe, and it's really obvious that's what it means... So what do you guys like about it? Hoping someone can convert me!

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