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    I've never known another Michelle very well. In Italy we're a rare species.
    I do know of at least other three. One is a little girl, one is about my age, one is a bit bigger. They all seemed nice and likeable, but I didn't talk to them very much.

    I think my name is a bit mismatched. Not a lot, but a bit. I think Michelle is a sweet name, and fits generally extrovert and talkative persons. I am a sweet and cheeky person at heart, but I don't show it very much. And I'm definitely not extrovert. I can get shy, nervous, annoyed. I can go through a whole day barely saying a word, without knowing why. And I don't feel that my name shows that part of me.
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    This is a very interesting thread! I've only met two other girls with my name (all of our names are spelled differently, though) and I honestly didn't find that I had anything in common with them. They were more frivolous and giggly and shallow and I'm a bit more serious. I've never cared much for my name, it's one of those trendy 90's names and as I've gotten older I feel like a toddler in the professional world. I feel like I'm not taken as seriously because of my name.

    As for what our names say about the type of parents we have, I'm honestly not sure. My mom wanted to name me Sydney, but my dad won out and chose my name. I've been raised pretty traditionally, though. I think it has more to do with where you grow up. I live in rural America, so I've probably been raised differently than someone from a city or more urban area. I think where your from defines your raising more than your name.

    As for whether or not I'd change it, no. I love my parents too much to do that. However, I think I'd have rather been a Sydney (I'd go by Syd) or evan an Elizabeth (my middle name). Those are more me I think.
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    I know quite a lot of Cynthias. I've never been close with any of them, but it seems like we all have different personalities. I love my name and I think it suits me perfectly, I don't know about them.

    Other moon-y names like Luna or Belphoebe can fit me too, I think, but not the others.
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    Dantea- woohoo, the book got something right. The theory is the sounds of the names evoke imagery, a word association game in your head. Rachel, R, racy, ripe, randy, and people react to those images and thoughts, thus shaping how they interact with you. It's not unlike a lot of the imagery games we all play here on NB.

    Sessha- Yup, yup! Let's see what it says about Sessha. Okay, going with the SH(L) names here. The closest I found to your name was Sasha, which is pretty close. It also goes with names like Shasta and Shayla. The Amiable. Gentle, Happy, Self-Aware / Thoughtless, Distracted, Compulsive. So it's a sultry S with a hushed H. May come across as subdued; put more into relationships than almost anyone; immense hearts; emotional energy to spare; a bit flighty; lots of unanticipated adventures; hard to predict; whimsical; has to work hard for money b/c job satisfaction is way more important than anything else; blossoms working in the "public realm, where they can take advantage of their uncommon social skills"; reliable and solid friend, though it takes time to gain their trust and loyalty; once you've earned it, it's there for life; loyalty is highest ideal; complicated courtships; "they don't play hard to get, they are hard to get"; natural parents: "the type of parents who make child-rearing look so easy that everyone hates them for it." haha

    Astrology is always very accurate for me. Aquarius. Rising sign in Cancer, moon in Pisces. Can't recall the rest, I got very into it years back, but not so much anymore. It was all very me though. Lots of daydreaming and being too sensitive and weird and opinionated. I think my saving grace with the sensitivity is my ability to turn on the Aquarius. I've always struggled with my objective side and my emotional side. i think I have split personalities...

    Moon- I've been using redwoodfey since forever, too. Since I was a teenager anyway. So far I've never been on a website where it was taken. If it is taken, it always ends up being me, and I've just forgotten my password. Moonkai is very pretty. And yes! You look like a Marion! I've only seen your wedding photos, but I'd say that's a Marion. Love the name you'd give yourself. I've spent this year changing my name. I ended up just changing the surname, but when I was brainstorming I wanted to add some fun middles. I actually have my court date this Sunday. I'm getting anxious about it. It's been almost a year long process, and I need it to be done, but I'm worried it won't be.

    Lucia/Lucy- that's so interesting that your other name makes you feel braver. Honestly, I just started this thread out of boredom, but I'm so glad I did as I'm getting some fascinating experiences.

    Violet- I think maybe when we have a popular name, it gets harder to tell what sort of parents we had. There are so many reasons to pick a name, and lack of imagination is only one reason to pick a top name. It could be an honor name, which would make the parents sentimental, or it could be lack of research, which means maybe the parents don't think too much about the future. I have a fairly common name, especially for my generation, and I'm named for one of my mum's cousins. Or a soap opera. It depends on who I ask.

    C@- I don't think I know any Cynthia's. It's such a pretty name, and one I think of as pretty common, but... I don't know anyone with your name. I may add it to our list.

    Good chat all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    Stripedsocks- I'm always so curious about mismatched sibsets, at least when they're extreme. Have you asked your mom about what made her pick a rare name and a top ten one?
    My name she got from a book, and then decided the spelling didn't clarify the pronunciation she wanted. She picked it in the '70s and I was born in the '80s, she'd loved it since she was 16. At the time there was no particular spelling "ahead" because they were all equally obscure/ethnic (think Shoshana/Shoshannah/Shoshanna) and in the '80s one came out slightly more popular. Not mine! lol.

    My sister's name was picked out at the last minute due to family dramas and relatives having manic episodes. My mom has later stated she wished she had picked Beatrice. Which doesn't particularly "go" with my name but at least in '86 would have been pretty uncommon and less of stylistic whiplash. Just to complete the effect, my middle name is an EXTREMELY masculine Biblical name, my sister's middle name is Rose.

    My youngest sibling, a brother, was I think an attempt at balance - he has a classic first name, middle name Wolf. (family name).

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