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    I've never known another Michelle very well. In Italy we're a rare species.
    I do know of at least other three. One is a little girl, one is about my age, one is a bit bigger. They all seemed nice and likeable, but I didn't talk to them very much.

    I think my name is a bit mismatched. Not a lot, but a bit. I think Michelle is a sweet name, and fits generally extrovert and talkative persons. I am a sweet and cheeky person at heart, but I don't show it very much. And I'm definitely not extrovert. I can get shy, nervous, annoyed. I can go through a whole day barely saying a word, without knowing why. And I don't feel that my name shows that part of me.
    Italian teenberry with synesthesia. Environmentally obsessed.
    I have a habit of disappearing for sometime and then reappearing.

    Clara - Hilary - Leah - Margot - Nina
    Archer - Calvin - Gordon - Leander - Oscar

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