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    What do my fellow Name Nerds make of this article?

    So here is an article from the Huffington post:

    The title is old fashioned names that need to make a comeback in 2014.
    The article was posted yesterday, and I saw it.
    I'll save my full reaction for later, but basically most of these name don't sound that old to me. What are your thoughts?
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    I don't think they sound too old. There like Grandparent names. Also #7 Veronica.... you should never describe a name for a baby as oozing sex appeal.
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    Yes, the article is pretty uninspired. They don't sound old at all, with Marlene being pretty much the only one that hasn't made a trendy retro comeback, at least in Australia (and I suspect this is the case in other Anglophone countries).

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    Veronica? Grace? Margaret? Seriously? Clearly they didn't do their research, and the people they asked on Facebook don't know what they're talking about. I know they asked which names people wished would come back in style, but several of these already are back in there's a problem with the premise. Let me try to answer which names probably will make a comeback...In the US:

    Margaret is almost at a low point and not poised for a comeback anytime soon if I'm a betting gal. Welcome to the doldrums.
    Grace already made a trendy bounce and is now on the decline again. That name is, like, so 2003.
    Veronica??? LOL. no. 1980 is calling and wants its name back. See ya in 2065., every baby and it's sister is named Evelyn these days. #27 in 2012. Like I said, lack of research.
    Lucille has already been coming back. Broke the top 500 in 2010.
    Marlene: Maybe, but I don't see it yet, probably because I dislike the name. Peaked in the US in 1935. Currently at its lowest point since 1929. Maybe next decade, though. Too similiar to Marley for me right now, as in the dog in "Marley and Me"

    I must concede Florence. That name is about to strike it big, like a phoenix rising from the abyss. Hit its nadir in 2009 from an apex way back in 1918. Like "F" names in general, it's so out right now and has been for so long that it is the epitome of vintage chic, and ready to be in again.
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    I agree with the other posters the article comes off quite uninspired and poorly researched. Florence hits the mark though.
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