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    I've encountered other Rachels who shared one of my interests (arts, biology, languages), but they all seemed pretty different to me. I think the sheer number of Rachels makes for a rather motley crew. And I was named after a dog. LOL. I'm pretty sure it was just my mom's favorite name, even as a young girl. But I feel more like a Lene, Wolfi, Raychie, or Raych than Rachel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    I have met a handful of other people with my name (all different spellings, mostly, my name seems to have infinite variation - Shauna, Shawna, Seanna, Shanna, Shana, Seana, Siona), and we all seem to share a lot of similar traits.
    I've had similar situations with the spelling variations, but whenever I meet another Shauna, our meeting is so short, I have no idea what any of them were really like. :[

    I am a dog person, I will hug anyone who needs it, I think tea and coffee are equally marvelous and if I have a randomly occurring thought or idea, I'll share it with anyone polite enough to listen (even if they're confused). Most people who know meseem to agree I would fit in and be happy in places like Wales or Canada. I don't know exactly what that means. You can make your own assumptions.

    Does that all sound Shauna-like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    SH(L) The Amiable. Gentle, Happy, Self-Aware / Thoughtless, Distracted, Compulsive. So it's a sultry S with a hushed H. May come across as subdued; put more into relationships than almost anyone; immense hearts; emotional energy to spare; a bit flighty; lots of unanticipated adventures; hard to predict; whimsical; has to work hard for money b/c job satisfaction is way more important than anything else; blossoms working in the "public realm, where they can take advantage of their uncommon social skills"; reliable and solid friend, though it takes time to gain their trust and loyalty; once you've earned it, it's there for life; loyalty is highest ideal; complicated courtships; "they don't play hard to get, they are hard to get"; natural parents: "the type of parents who make child-rearing look so easy that everyone hates them for it."
    O.O Holy crap, Fey! That description is positively scary! I can't speak for the last sentence (not being a parent yet), but the rest of it sounds like something I would write if I were trying to describe myself to someone (although I might be a bit more self-deprecating.) The emotionalness, the accidental adventures, prioritizing my dreams over perfect financial security, the emphasis on loyalty, the complicated relationships...Spooky! Especially when contrasted with my birth name, the only points of which I indentify with are in bold:

    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    SHN. Deliberate, Protective, Involved / Introverted (that's a negative??), Self-doubting, Addictive. Privacy is important; doesn't often offer very private info about self; poised; higher frequency of ups and downs than many; tendency to separate "their emotions from traumatic events"; does well in high stress jobs like emergency work; appreciate quality and don't shy from demanding the same from partners; needs someone romantic and intriguing.
    I didn't bold introverted because when I went by Sh@wn, I was still an extrovert. I am an introvert now, but that happened after I began using Sessha as my work and social name instead of just a nickname.

    It's completely trippy to me that the description of my chosen name is basically spot-on, where my birth name profile contains such big inaccuracies. It makes me wonder if I chose the name because it resonated with how I already felt about myself, or if choosing the name and going by it every day somehow steered me in the direction of these character traits? Fascinating thoughts to ponder. Thanks for looking me up!
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    Sessha, you and I are the same :P We both picked names for ourselves that fit our personalities so much better than our real names! *virtual high five* -- My Amazon Author Page

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    @shaunabee- I'm not really a dog person per se but I I love animals. The rest is completely true of me as well.
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