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    O_O A decent mix of both of those is actually spot on for me. Eerie! I picked good names for myself ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    This is fascinating! Fey, I'm desperately curious how Sessha would fare in your book. My legal name (Sh@wn) was covered under the SHN, and I can't help but wonder how that compares to the name I've chosen for myself!

    Names are a really big deal in numerology, which describes your personality, motivations, life goals, even your future based on things like your full name and date of birth. I've always felt strangely disconnected to that sort of thing, like maybe my birthdate is off, because for everyone I know their astrological and numerological profiles are so crazy accurate, but mine don't seem like me at all. Lately, I have been getting more in touch with my Leo self, but the Capricorn moon bit still seems like the opposite of who I am. I full expected to get a Pisces or Cancer moon, all emotion and intuition instead of cold calculation. So weird.

    Wow, that was a tangent...sorry! I guess I'm more tired than I thought.
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    @redwoodfey - I just saw your earlier post! Cool book! This part is mostly true:

    "Self-doubting, higher frequency of ups and downs than many; tendency to separate "their emotions from traumatic events"; does well in high stress jobs like emergency work; appreciate quality and don't shy from demanding the same from partners"

    This part is mostly not:

    "Deliberate, Protective, Involved / Introverted, Addictive. Privacy is important; doesn't often offer very private info about self; poised; needs someone romantic and intriguing)

    The only names I've ever given myself are Moonkai (i've had this moniker since I was 11), and Blondine (my name in french class, which is a nickname that my great-grandmother went by)

    I've also named a couple of characters that were very much expressions of myself: Ariel and Maggie

    I've been told I look like a "Marion" which is funny b/c that's my grandmother's name.

    I think if I were to rename myself I'd choose something like "Moonkai Eleutheria Starblade" (I was really set on changing my last name to Starblade for a while there, but luckily hubbercakes talked me out of it, lol)

    My sister's name (Briana) also does not suit her. She's going by Freya these days (mostly just online though), but I have always thought she should've been a Genevieve or an Adriana
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    I've always felt like my legal name doesn't suit me. I remember being in grade 2 and looking for other names to test out in hopes of feeling more like how I want to feel. Honestly, if I didn't have this almost "alter ego" in Lucy as my name, I probably would have thought myself to meek and timid to do half the things I've done in my adult life. I don't think I'm any better or worse for it, but I'm definitely more comfortable and less likely to flake out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    I do wonder if it syas more about the type of mothers we all had, though, versus our actual name.
    I think this is a great point and I think you're very right actually.

    The type of mother who names her daughter Sunflower Prairie is likely going to parent in a different way than a mother who names her daughter Margaret Ann, and she's going to pass on traits to her daughter as well.

    Sure, there might be some affect to extremes of names outside of nature/nurture, but I think that aspect is far more important.
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