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    What names have you dreamed?

    So last night I dreamed I had a boy and named him Ries Bruno, which is interesting because I have never seen the name Ries (pronounced like Reese) but it is a real one, meaning "of the sea."

    I just thought it was so interesting what my brain came up with on the fly, because its rather a nice name, and even in my dream it was a rush decision.

    So, I'm curious, what names have you dreamed? What was the context, and what do you think of them?

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    I dreamt I had a son and we named him Miller. Completely out of nowhere cause it's never a name I've considered. I wouldn't use it, but it's not horrible.
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    I dreamt I had a little girl named Genevieve, which wasn't even on my radar until I had the dream.
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    I recently dreamt I had a daughter named Novel. I'm all for word names so this wasn't unusual. I was pleasantly surprised that I had a "name dream" because I've always wanted to know which names float around in my subconscious mind. I searched for Novel as a name and kept finding Novella, which I don't like at all. The problem I have with Novel is that it sounds so much better in my head than aloud with my New York accent, I guess. When I slow down the pronunciation it sounds much better, but then still reminds me of nozzle. All in all, really interesting name that lead me back to my love of the name Poet instead .

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    Interesting thread! I dreamed just last night that I had six more kids- all boys! I wrote down their names as soon as I woke up, just so I wouldn't forget them.

    Jeresiah - not one I'd ever heard before but apparently it's legitimate
    Nohan - met one yesterday for the first time, and I guess it stuck!

    Apparently they all ended up biblical names. lol. The only ones I'd ever consider are Solomon and Laban!
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