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    Definitely prefer Caspian to Soren. I think Caspian Emre is gorgeous! x

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    Thanks for the feedback! It's actually quite useful...
    @mulme944 I'm just not a fan of the Su sound... can't explain it, really. It's interesting that you say Soren goes better with the surname. I'm a bit worried about the repetitive long O in Soren and Zol being a bit too much...
    @sbm602 Glad to see Soren love!
    @chrisco That's interesting, as I've also thought perhaps Caspian matches Parisa a bit better in their whimsical flavour.
    @emsky If we used Caspian, it would 100% be because of the sea, as DH is from a city named after the Caspian. Plus, it's a place that means a lot to us... but I'm just not sure if that overrides Soren. To be honest, I prefer the sound and meaning of Caspian... but I think Soren may just be more "practical", if that makes sense...
    @psg007 Thanks! Glad to be someone giving Caspian a little love. I did have Caspian Emre in mind... will have to see if DH goes for it...
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    I like both your options but I prefer Caspian. It's very cool and adventurous sounding while being familiar and easy to say.
    I like Caspian Anoush or Caspian Emre.

    For Soren, I love the combo. Soren makes me think of Soaring not sore. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love Pasha and the combination, but I simply can't get my head around Soren. Especially not when it's up against Caspian which is worthy of all the swoon in the world. I love Caspian Emre, Caspian Raha and Caspian Shaya (Shaya is such an epic name).
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    I prefer Caspian! I like Soren but I feel like its too wordy for me like "I am soren through the sky!" Caspian I have always adored but fiance wont allow it. In the end go with your gut feeling or bring both to the hospital to see which one he looks like? And I love the sound of Caspian Emre. Its very adventurous to me.

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