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    I prefer Soren. Caspian sounds just a little too...fanciful...for my liking.
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    Personally my vote is for Soren Pasha. Which I think is a very strong, attractive, and all together amazing name. I have only known one Soren in my life, and he was tall dark and handsome, while also being funny and kind. So I may be a little biased. I agree with the poster who said that Soren seeming more similar to Soaring, then Sore.

    Caspian is also a nice choice. To me Caspian feels light, adventurous, and fanciful. Soren feels strong, dark, and timeless. Caspian makes me think of this image. Soren make me think of this one. In the end you have two great names to choose from!

    Good luck and congratulations!

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    I love both names, to be honest. Though Soren is on my list, so I would say Soren Pasha
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    @dantea Glad you think of soaring, and not sore! I do like Caspian’s adventurous nature...
    @shvibziks I agree, actually I love Soren Pasha as a combo. I love Pasha, but can’t see myself using it as a first name. I think I’m realizing I’m not actually in love with Soren, as much as the combo...
    @scarletsway Thanks for the feedback! It is looking like I’m going to just bring both, and see what he looks like. DH is making fun of me a lot for this, asking what exactly a Soren or Caspian look like. I think I’ll just know, though... 
    @ashthedreamer Thanks for your feedback! The idea of Caspian and Parisa is really growing on me. I think they both have the same fanciful, romantic air.
    @rollo Interesting, I don’t pronounce Soren with the ‘o’ from Oscar. Perhaps it’s an accent difference? I like Cassian a lot, but I’m a bit limited to names that would be equally as meaningful to DH and me... tough.
    @bonnie1107 Glad to see Soren love, and isn’t it true... they both have their strengths.
    @rkrd Thanks! It looks like we’re narrowing the combos for Caspian. We are down to Caspian Emre (DH has real concerns about this being “too Turkish”, even among Azeris), Caspian Anoush, and Caspian Bardia (Artaxerxes’ original Farsi name).
    @hixtwin4 Thanks for the feedback! 
    @iamamiam Thanks! That is my biggest concern with Caspian... it’s almost a bit frilly for a boy. I’m not sure whether or not it has enough strength.
    @blackcatsmeow Thanks, that’s interesting! I’ve known a few Sorens, but all were blond haired and blue eyed, with Northern European ancestry. I guess that also makes it seem a bit odd, as our kids will probably not be very light. Good to know it can fit darker complexions, too...
    @kyla12 Thanks, I do love Soren Pasha... just not sure how much I love Soren. *sigh* So much to think about...
    @saracita00 Yeah, I completely get what you mean about Caspian “trying” to be Middle Eastern. I think the main reason I’d use it anyhow would just be because of the link to the name of DH’s city, and the personal significance of the Caspian Sea to us. My reservation with Soren is that it doesn’t feel Middle Eastern enough to me. I’ve always associated this name so strongly with Scandinavia, and I don’t think most people would even know that it is also a Persian name.

    Thanks everyone for all the help! I think I'll sit on it, and maybe see which naturally comes to the front. This really helped me to clarify how I feel about both names, as well as to see the benefits and disadvantages of both names. Thanks again (and an early Merry Christmas)!
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