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    1. Naming x

    Genre of Story: Unknown (it's sort of a prequel to sci-fi/future societies thing)

    Time Period/Location: ~2013 in USA

    Brief Plot: A high school student's experience with a Freak (super powered human). Sort of romancey in the sense that the two main characters at one point date (they are extremely important to each other, but not in the "love of my life" kind of way but more super close siblings). This is currently labeled as the prequel to a series that takes place many years later in the future where Freaks are common. This is when Freaks first officially come to stay in the public eye. POV character dies.

    Character description:
    Born in 1997. Story is told from her POV. Her personality has yet to be decided as she refuses to pick one, but one that is always the same is the fact that she has a steely temper. She is adopted but that doesn't really cause an issue with her. She likes math. Name was given to her by her adopted parents who raised her from six months of age.

    Immediate Family: Has two other siblings; one is adopted like her and the other is her parents' biological child. Her father was not born in the US so nontraditional 1997 American names are accepted.

    Already Considered: Nothing.

    A surname and first name would be greatly appreciated. The only other character named is her love interest/not love interest whose name is Jensen Reed.

    Thank you for any suggestions!

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    If you could give a description of what she looks like, or some names you like and have considered, I could help then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainierloner View Post
    If you could give a description of what she looks like, or some names you like and have considered, I could help then.
    Sorry! She is of average height so around 5'6, hazel eyes, dark hair, medium brown skin, she's of mixed ancestry (mainly Native American, African American, and English), she also has an average body type, and I've considered giving her glasses or contacts. I've considered names with metal influences but haven't found any that I like. The only name I've seriously considered is Victoria "Tori", but thought it sounded strange with Jensen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miranda082 View Post
    Thank you for your suggestions! Becca is my favorite out of the group because then her full first name could be Rebecca. She seems like a nickname kind of person.

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