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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I do like the idea of same initials. What about Lisbeth Jade or Laurel June? Or Louisa Jane? Is Laurel too close to Laura? I do think they should have separate names.

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    What about Olive? It means peace and I think it's similar to Laura in style.

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    What about Frederick for a boy? It means peace, I think the style's the same as Laura, and Freddie sounds like Teddy. What about Frederick Lawrence?

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    For boys I actually love your son's choice, Henry Drake!

    I agree with the other suggestions for girl's names. Using the same initials would be a great way to honor Laura Jean!

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    The other two kids have R and L names, so I'd stick with that to connect the new baby to his/her living siblings, and perhaps add a third name with a J in honor/memory of his/her angel sister.

    Lucy Rae Jewel
    Leslie Rose Jules

    Lucas River Jem
    Levi Remington James

    Congrats, and good luck!

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