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    Lightbulb Which name do you like the best?

    Were deciding between two names for a boy.. We already have a girls name picked out.
    Its between:

    Cain Charles Caldwell


    Cade Charles Caldwell

    Big brother Chace isn't much help either.. Hahah he just wants a baby around.
    My hubbys initials are CCC and they will share the same middle name as well. Its his way of getting a Junior without actually having one. I don't like the idea of calling a child Junior. Just not my style.

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    I prefer Cade Charles Caldwell.

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    I like the sound of Cain much better. I think it goes better with Chace too. Not to mention the role model Caine Monroy (who made Caine's Arcade).
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    Cain sounds sounds better with your surname. However, the name comes with some major baggage: Cain killed his brother Abel in the Bible. Cade Caldwell is too heavy on the "d".
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    I would go with Cade. Cain has negative connotations.
    Cade goes better with brother Chace too, and Cade Caldwell sounds pretty cool to me!

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