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    3 Daughters and 3 Sons [Dice Game]



    You: pick your own first and middle
    Spouse: first and middle from top 50 for 1902
    Last name: up to you

    For all below, roll once for first name, once for middle name. If you choose more than one middle, you roll for it too.

    Child #1 - A boy!
    1, 4, 6: from this list []
    2, 3, 5: from your favourite names

    Child #2 - A girl!
    Even #: from this list []
    Odd #: from this list []

    Child #3 - A boy!
    Odd #: from this list []
    Even #: an old man name

    Child #4 - A boy!
    1 or 6: from this list []
    2 or 5: from the top 100 for 1964
    3 or 4: a nature name

    Child #5 - A girl!
    1 or 2: from bottom 200 for 1931
    3 or 4: from a fantasy book or movie/tv series (GOT, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter, for a few examples)
    5 or 6: from your favourite list

    Child #6 - A girl!
    1: doesn't end in A
    2: a nature name
    3: starts with the same letter your first girl's name ends in (ex. Alice --> Elizabeth)
    4: a flower name
    5: a Welsh name
    6: a French name

    Have fun!

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    Husband: Thomas Daniel
    Wife: Clara Hazel

    Child 1: Atticus Jude

    Child 2: Lorelai Aurora

    Child 3: Hunter Jack

    Child 4: River Noel

    Child 5: Genevieve Kate

    Child 6: Holly Brooke

    Thomas, Clara, Atticus, Lorelai, Hunter, River, Genevieve and Holly
    18 year old writer, triplet, dreamer, future teacher, and name enthusiast.

    Names I'm saving for children: Lucy Juliet, Ruby Claire, Adelaide Rachel, Noah James, and Caleb Elijah.

    Also loving Liliana, Caroline, Cora, Kathryn, Julia, Elisabetta, Molly, Aurora, Lydia, and Alice and Emmett, Jack, Eli, Nicholas, and Oliver

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    Emmett Samuel Lloyd, Graham Wilder, Finlay Gordon Jude,
    Rowan Asher, Isaac William, Thomas Dashiell

    Juno Philippa, Arya Sophie Diana, Freya Isabel Charlotte,
    Rosamund "Rose" Laelia Edith, Emilia Caroline, Rory

    {my listography}

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    Me Emily Margaret
    DH Michael Joseph
    Surname Finley

    DS: Callum Thayer
    DD: Fiona Maris
    DS: Oliver Jasper
    DS: Joseph Peter (after DH and all our boys have middle names ending in -er)
    DD: Leia Hermione
    DD: Annette Rosalie
    Aspiring Writer. Loves books.

    Also inspired by television.

    Current Favorite Letters are B, C, F, and G.

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