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Thread: Opinions please

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    Opinions please

    I have a few names that I love but am not sure if they're too out there/trendy/ made
    Up sounding etc. Do you think these names are usable or should I just keep them as gps?


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    I really like Beckett, Kai, August (as a middle name, August honors family), Forrest (as a middle name), Lachlan, and Finn. My favorites being Kai, Lachlan, and Finn.

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    My favorites: Beckett, August, Gideon, Lachlan.

    Beckett-- like it. Great literary cred. Might be a little trendy but it's not anywhere near top 100.
    Abel- not my style
    Kai- strikes me as being a better nn than a full name (trying to picture a 40 y/o Kai applying for a new job).
    Ezekiel- definitely biblical, but not terrible (this is, surprisingly, the most popular name on your list).
    August- I think August/Augustine/Augusten have had a recent uptick in popularity, but I like the name and love Gus as a nn.
    Luka- not keen on this. maybe it's the spelling or absence of the "s"?
    Gideon- "trendy" only in nameberry terms. I don't think you need to worry about your son having another Gideons in his preschool class.
    Forrest- I really don't see this as being or becoming too popular.
    Lachlan- lovely. There's a ton of Celtic love going on, but I don't know if people just toss these names around or actually name their children Lachlan.
    Fletcher- see Gideon
    Finn- super trendy and overrepresented in terms of popularity on this site (vs. the real world). In the real world, I think this name peaks just ahead of Beckett/August/Gideon/Fletcher territory.

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    Aside from Forrest, I know little boys with all of these names! They all suit them very well. It did take me a little while to get used to Lachlan but I mostly just think it isn't my style. To me, Forrest has a little ways to go before getting over the "Gump" association.

    Love your list! Ezekiel & August are on mine, as well

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    Whaaaat? None of those are made-up, don't fret
    I think they're all usable. The only ones that stand out to me as potentially hard to live with would be Abel ("Hey Abel, where's Cain?" which is not a big deal, but so many people will think they're hilarious with the one, I'm sure it'll get annoying), and Forrest ("Run Forrest, Run" goes without saying. It'll happen… also not the end of the world, though).

    My favourites are: Ezekiel (I love this (Ezequiel) in Spanish, eh-seh-keel), August (so handsome!), and Lachlan.
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