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    Middle name for Nora

    For years I have been set on naming my girl after a little girl I nannied.

    Should Nora's middle name be Morgan or Elise?

    Nora Morgan has similar sounds and Nora Elise runs together. Uhh I don't know!

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    In this scenario I would go with Nora Elise. Yes the vowels run together but, the names don't contain many of the same letters in a similar order. Nora Morgan just doesn't flow. You may want to try other 'gan' names. Teagan, Megan, Keegan ect. Or names Similar to Elise like Liza, Lisa. I think Louise or Louisa might be close enough to the sound of Elise.

    Good Luck!
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    Nora Morgan is a bit repetitive, but I find it easier to say than Nora Elise. What if you changed it to Nora Eloise to honor Elise?
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    Nora is pretty, Nora Morgan doesn't really "go" though... Have you thought about two middles?

    Nora Caroline Elise
    Nora Imogen Elise
    Nora Winifred Elise
    Nora Abigail Elise
    Nora Juniper Elise


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    Definitely NOT Morgan. Nora Elise is the clear choice out of those two, but I have to say the flow of Nora Elise isn't all that great, either. I LOVE the suggestion of Nora Eloise. That's simply gorgeous.

    I'm not sure if this makes sense, but the ending sound in Nora and the beginning sound of Elise are rather similar so it's more awkward and laborious to say the combination; however, the beginning sound in Eloise is more distinctively different because it has that strong "EL" sound whereas Elise's beginning sound is a little softer and can come off more like "Uh-LEES".

    That probably made no sense, but basically, my vote is for Nora Eloise if you are considering other names. If not, definitely Nora Elise from your two choices.
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