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    Quirky and cool names you've heard recently!

    I was in the airport last week and over heard a conversation between a family with a 14 year old daughter and a 12 year old son.

    The girls name was Edwina and the boys was Story. I loved it! I'm always on the lookout for more 'interesting' names being used in real life, versus just on the nameberry forums.

    At my high school I've also met an Olive and two Thor's which are also only names I've seen on here

    What are some of the more "quirky" names you've encountered recently?
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    My sister-in-law shared her middle name recently: Siciliana (a style of music her dad liked, apparently).
    And I heard this name out and about last week: Adorabella. I find it much too frilly, but she gets called Dora/Bella.
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    I met a boy today named Kanyon.

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    I live in a small southern town, so the quirkiest names you're gonna get are the made up or ghetto. But I heard of a little Stevie Grace who attends my church. I can't decide how much I like her name, but it's definitely cute and quirky.
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    I actually came on here today intending to make a similar thread because of the two kids I just met:

    Emiliano and Veralina

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