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    Keira is my favourite spelling of this name. It reminds me of the classy and enchanting Keira Knightley. (I know lots of people don't like her, but I do.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorciereblanche View Post
    I've liked the sound for a while, but I think of Kira (pronounced the same way) from Death Note, Which is Light's (who, by the way, is a serial killer) alias. That's just what I connect the name to. I'm positive most people would not thjnk of that, but Ido.
    Hehe, I think of this too. However, it doesn't bother me that much. I only like the Kira and Keira spellings. I think it's quite a lovely name. I really don't find it trendy, mainly because I don't know nor have heard of any in my area.
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    This is my name Although for me it's spelled Kiera. I like it a lot, I get compliments on it quite often. It is annoying how I have to constantly spell it out to people.

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    Keira is on my list of girls names. I love it and would use it!
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    I like Keira.

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