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    Opinions on Keira...

    What are your opinions on Keira? This purely hypothetical and this has been one of my favourite names for years but i'm worried. Is Keira to "chavvy"?

    Sibset ideas would be welcome to

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    Honestly, I dislike it. Mostly because it seems trendy and dated to the 90s/early 00s. It's mainly this spelling- I'm the same with Kieran. I much prefer the traditional spellings of Ciara and Ciaran.

    I wouldn't say it's chavvy though. Just trendy. For Keira, I wouldn't be surprised for siblings to be in the realms of Chloe, Megan, Georgia, Ellie, Jordan, Ryan, Bradley, Reece...

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    I've liked the sound for a while, but I think of Kira (pronounced the same way) from Death Note, Which is Light's (who, by the way, is a serial killer) alias. That's just what I connect the name to. I'm positive most people would not thjnk of that, but Ido.
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    I prefer Kira as yes Keira does look a bit 'chavvy' to me. Kira feels for gentle and pink butterly like. It would work well with sisters Lucy, Eve or May.

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    I love Kiera personally. You can always spell it Ciara if your worried about the K spelling looking too Kardashian.
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