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Thread: Samson?

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    What do you think of the name Samson? Any suggestions for sibling names, boy or girl? I'm kind of stuck. He would be called Sam, which I'm considering using independently as a name as well. Thanks!

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    Samson would be too biblical for me but it's definitely a usable name. I really like the nn Sam or Sammy.

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    I like it however I would read the biblical story first. Samson is betrayed often and then dies a horribly sad death.

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    I love the Regina Spektor song (literally, one of my favourite songs), but I'm not fond of the sound. However, I think it would be a handsome choice, though not for me - I would delighted to meet a little Samson ever (and would probably serenade him with a few lines from the song )

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    Samson is a great name! I think it works with a wide variety of sibling names. It's handsome, heard of, but not over-used, and has a great nick name. It hits that sweet-spot that a lot of parents search for. I wouldn't worry too much about the biblical connection. My name is Leah, and my biblical namesake isn't really a great character. But, that doesn't have an impact on who I am.

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