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    nessielove - We must have similar dates as I am also 9.5 weeks. We are due August 17th.

    We have a NT ultrasound on the 30th of January. We have our anatomy ultrasound booked for March 27th. I'm really hoping that we'll get to know the sex at that point. We are looking forward to the ultrasound at the end of the month.
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    I'm almost 14 weeks preggers. My EDD is on 21st July. I want to have baby names ready soon. I have 2 girl names I thought about. But none for boy. I want to have names for both gender so that I would be ready as soon as i find out if i'm have a boy or girl.

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    @stephy I teach high school. I mean they always smelled a little sometimes,but now it's unbearable.

    Today was a really rough day. It's so hard to teach while nauseous.
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    It really is! For weeks I was so lethargic and sick all the time that I was just like a blob in the room. It was so hard to be good at my job, but now I'm feeling better and I'm back in the game! Good timing though, it's always a bit of a wash between Thanksgiving and winter break anyway.
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    How is the second trimester for everyone?
    I hate it. My first trimester was awesome. No symptoms, except fainting, and I felt totally normal. Every piece of pregnancy literature ever makes the first trimester out to be this horrible monster. I miss it.
    At sixteen weeks I am constantly uncomfortable. I am bloated, constipated, can't sleep at night, and my fainting has gotten worse. I am at a healthy weight, and despite that managed through healthy eating to lose twelve pounds during the first trimester without morning sickness, and I am terrified for my next weigh-in. I look like a bloated, terrifying, potato monster. Plus, holy crap back pain! Is any one else having killer pain in their lower back? Ughhhh.
    So how is second trimester comparing to first for other people? Is it a welcome relief or just a new form of torture?

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