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    Hi everyone,
    This is my first pregnancy and I would like to join this group. I've had like no symptoms, only some mild aversions and cravings but I get those all the time anyways so pregnancy just hadn't felt real until today. I just had my first ultrasound this morning and got to see the baby and heart beat. I have another appointment on Thursday to go over detail and get my due date. Tentatively I've been told July 18th. Which is 2 days before my mom's birthday!
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    Congratulations everyone! My husband and I recently found out that we are expecting. This is our first baby and we are very excited. I'm seven weeks right now, and our due date is August 13.

    I have had almost zero symptoms so far and it's making me a bit nutty. I've only had one day of nausea and slightly sore breasts. I'm very relieved to hear that others aren't having many symptoms right now either. I still have another week to go before we get to have an ultrasound and I have a feeling I'm going to go stir crazy during the wait! I don't feel pregnant at all and I want actual scientific proof that there's a baby in me.

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    Welcome to all the new mommies-to-be, and congratulations!

    mweath- I'm right with you! I have no energy whatsoever, but that's my only symptom. Granted, I'm only 6 weeks, so there's still time for some things to pop up. Hopefully morning sickness will hold off until after the new year!
    Names... I'm a huge name nerd, so I had quite the list prepared already, and I've been suggesting a few names here and there to DH. He wants to call a boy Robert, but after some negotiations, we decided that his nn would be Robin. We also like Lewis, Flynn, and Wade. For a girl, he's liked Anne, Julia, Eileen, Elsa, Matilda, Catherine, Rose, and Margaret. We've come up with a few combos, but I won't bore you with the details!
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    anne, annika, anya, ashelia, astrid, augusta, beatrix, bonnie, catherine, cecily, clara, cordelia, della, eileen, elsa, eulalia, freya, helena, henrietta, india, jane, julia, linnea, liv, louisa, mabel, magnolia, margaret, margot, matilda, melanie, nell, rose, tallulah

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    Congrats to everyone! We're expecting #1 at the end of July/ early August. So much to do before then! We're especially excited, as we miscarried at about 7 weeks last August. We're now at 9.5 weeks, and holding our breath... We just heard the heartbeat today (I've been too scared to go in before now), and everything seems to be going ok except for a nasty UTI. Hoping this is a one-time event... :P More surprisingly, I've been showing for about 2 weeks now... You'd swear I was having twins!
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    Congrats to all the new people joining the group! Hope everyone had a very happy holiday season! Did anyone do a reveal during Hanukkah or on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day? We are keeping mum (to everyone but family and very close friends) until we have our ultrasound January 3rd, but I had a few friends who announced yesterday or the day before.

    Speaking of Christmas, my husband and I were baking cookies for our neighbors yesterday, and came up with this song (to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas):

    On my first Pregnant Christmas, my baby gave to me: a neverending urge to pee!
    On the second day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: two sore breasts, and a neverending urge to pee!
    On the third day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: three giant pimples, two sore breasts, and a neverending urge to pee!
    On the fourth day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: four hours of nausea, three giant pimples, two sore breasts, and a neverending urge to pee!
    On the fifth day of Christmas, my baby gave to me: five extra pounds! Four hours of nausea, three giant pimples, two sore breasts, and a neverending urge to pee!

    That's as far as we got- feel free to add some more if you'd like! We joke, of course, but I wouldn't trade these symptoms for anything! We've waited so long for this baby that I honestly wouldn't care if one of the symptoms was temporarily sprouting feet out of my head!
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