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    Stephykneejo: I wish people would rub my belly! LOL I am 5 1/2 months and people are still shocked when I tell them I am pregnant. Nobody has asked if I'm pregnant yet. I know I shouldn't complain, and I know I will "pop" soon enough (and probably wish I was smaller from that point on...), but I can't wait to actually look pregnant, and not just like I had too much to eat at lunchtime! I have heard from other moms that you pop out earlier the second time around. Hang in there!
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    kimberley13: I was taken off Metformin back in January. I have continued to lose since and am down almost 16 lbs.

    Anyone else having issues with deciding on a name. For a boy, we had it set. For a girl, it hasn't been as easy. We are now trying to decide between Sylvie or Celeste. Any thoughts?
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    I LOVE Sylvie, I think it sounds so sweet. Celeste sounds more grown up, and is definitely beautiful and sophisticated. I guess it sort of depends on what you're going for. It's definitely a tough choice! Sorry I can't be more helpful..

    In other news, I have decided on Calla Suzette for my daughter, so... Yeah

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    @tiffanyw Celeste is my favorite of your top two contenders. I think it will age well, and I like its ethereal, elegant sound. Sylvie is sweet, but strikes me as young. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though! They're both great names.

    @ksilvia Calla Suzette is lovely! I love the variety of sounds in the two names, and the way they look together. Calla is a familiar-sounding word but not a common name, which is a great combo of qualities!

    Congrats to you both for coming close on naming decisions. That's a big milestone!

    We're pretty sure of first names for the girls, but I keep second guessing them. Right now we've got Antoinette and Cordelia. I love both names, they both have a lot of meaning for us personally...but I'm afraid they're not wearable. Nicknames would be Annie and Cora, respectively, but I wouldn't want to use those all the time. But if I'm not sure the full names will roll easily off my tongue, can I expect others to use them? Can I expect the girls to love them? Middle names are still a bit up in the air, but the front-runners right now are July and Somerset.

    Thoughts on Antoinette July and Cordelia Somerset?

    I do have a thread open on the Baby Girl Names board on this, if you want to leave feedback there:
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    We've decided to call the baby this week Celeste and next week Sylvie. Hopefully we will be able to decide by actually saying the names out loud in real life between my husband and I. My husbands family is very French and mine is very English - we needed to pick names that worked well in both languages. Middle names are family names and will either be Celeste Marie or Sylvie Louise. My husband is convinced that Sylvie Marie works but it rhymes too much for me.

    @ksiliva Love, love, LOVE Calla Suzette! I think its so sweet!

    @mermaiden6 Antoinette and Cordelia are so wearable and I would use them all the time. I wouldn't worry too much about what others will use - if that's the childs name than that is what they will be called. .

    When we announce that we were expecting, someone told us to go with our first instincts when choosing a name. I'm hoping that this will help some of you out. Don't second guess - go with what feels right!
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