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    At 22.5 weeks, my belly is popping out. It is almost as big as it was at delivery with my first. But I am still sitting at pre-pregnancy weight, so I really can't complain!

    I could never do cloth diapers! If I stayed home, I might be more open to it. But really for us, it is worth the extra money to use disposable. But good luck with it!

    My cousin and her wife are pregnant (feels like everyone in my life is pregnant right now!) and they are 13 weeks. They are almost done with their registry. They are planning to finish it up as soon as they get their testing done this week, they will be able to find out the gender from the test. I don't think you're too early to have registered. Even if you sit on it for a few weeks and just give it to people when they ask. Either way, its never to early to plan!
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    I'm not having a baby shower, so I'm not bothering with a registry. People have just been giving gifts on their own. Last week I got a breast pump, and for Christmas I got a stroller and a carseat from my uncle. My grandma made me linens, and my grandpa gave me a crib. Plus I've been getting non-stop clothes from EVERYONE. I am always feel awkward asking for presents, even at a shower where people expect it, so I always skip that sort of thing.

    I have a few friends who use cloth, and it seems like Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz, and BumGenius 4.0 with snaps are the superior brands. I ordered some of each, just because my friends have differing opinions so I just wanted to make sure I got some I liked and wasn't fully committed to one type. I also am going with one size, and prefolds for her when she's newborn.

    Yeah, I feel like you have like a thousand pregnant relatives. That must be nice though, like a pregnancy club. I don't know any other pregnant people.

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    It has been a few weeks since I've last posted an update. Let me preface this by saying: if anything is going to go wrong, it will happen to me.

    Monday: Nurse called saying that they want us to come in to discuss tests. The only test they didn't have results for was the spina bifida test which immediately had us worried.

    Today: We saw our DR. I have 7% chance of having a baby with neural tube defects. After discussing, we found out that the subchorionic bleed could be why levels are high. (other reasons is problems with the placenta, or stomach issues) The DR. assured us that the ultrasound in two weeks (anatomy) will be able to see up to 93% of any issues. So we have decided to put off amniocentesis until after that ultrasound and see what is found. If nothing is found, we will not look into this anymore as he thinks it is most likely the SCH that has my levels high.

    Besides that, baby has a strong heartbeat at 135. Looking forward to our ultrasound in two weeks and finding out the gender.
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    We found out on Monday that baby #5 is another girl. I definitely knew she was a girl from the beginning, even though everyone else thought it'd be a boy. This will be our third girl in a row, so I was kind of stumped on names, but I think we're going to call her Fiona Clare. I'm pretty excited about getting to dress all my girls the same once she's born, so I've been browsing cute clothes I can buy for our older girls and the new baby. I also found out that even though I'm taking a heart medication that can slow down growth in babies in the womb, she's actually a little ahead in her measurements, so that was definitely a big relief. We'll get to peek at her again next month since I have to have monthly growth checks, and I'm already looking forward to it!
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    Sooo a most bizarre thing happened to me yesterday. Well, for me it isn't all that bizarre but I bet it will sound weird to everyone else, lol. I'll just preface this by mentioning that my husband and I have a small hobby farm, we raise chickens, ducks, and rabbits. We also just adopted a neglected off track TB, and have a couple of dogs and two cats Anyhow, I was collecting eggs yesterday morning and one of the roosters decided to take issue with me intruding on his territory. He's always been sort of snarky but never to this extent. He kicked my arm viciously resulting in a very small but deep gouge in my right wrist. I went inside immediately and washed it out with wound wash, and put neosporin on it. Well, despite my best efforts it's now infected Even yesterday afternoon I was having a lot of pain in my hand & wrist, to the point where I could barely use my hand, and it became noticeably swollen. It seems so silly because the wound is literally 1/4 in and is already scabbed over and appears to be healing. Nevertheless, I've had this ridiculous pain in my wrist, hand and arm. Woke up this morning and it seemed improved but as the day wore on the tell-tale signs of cellulitis have appeared. Sooo long story short I'm now on antibiotics to address the infection. I've tried so hard not to take any medication since I got pregnant, no tylenol, no nothing, so even though everything I've read tells me amoxicillin is safe, I can't help but worry. Anyone else had to deal with taking antibiotics while pregnant? Feeling frustrated :x

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