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    Welcome grnberyl! It is nice to travel through this and be able to talk to other people in the same situation. Congrats on your boy!

    We had our gender reveal party on Sunday and we had a great time! Everyone was so eager to know the sex, and most of them thought it was going to be a boy. It was a girl, of course, but they are all still so excited. We made cupcakes that were colored pink inside and had cookies and candy in both pink and blue. Everyone had to fill out a math puzzle to decode the names we chose (my husband and I are both math teachers). My coworkers really enjoyed that idea.

    My husband and I were both sick with a virus (cold-like) with a terrible cough. We have gotten over that, but now it seems my daughter and I are getting sick again! More sinus-y this time. Can't wait for spring. Other than that, I have been feeling good. Still down a few pounds from pre-preg weight, but my belly is definitely growing!
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    Hello everyone. Baby has been moving constantly. She's doing this thing where she curls up in a ball on the left side of my stomach with her head in my spine, which causes the left side of my stomach to push out super far and my right side to be flat, as well as some seriously annoying back pain. If I try to push her to the other side, she smacks me back. She's going to be sassy, I can tell.
    I'm still not noticeably showing, I just sort of look like I have five extra pounds to lose, but all my clothes still fit really well.
    I'm still in school but I'm majoring in Mathematics right now. I love the idea of a math puzzle at a baby shower! That's so cute.

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    Hi Mamas! It's been a while since I've logged on- working 10+ hour days as a Nanny while dealing with severe morning sickness hasn't been so much fun Happily, I haven't been sick in over a week, and I haven't NEEDED a mid-day nap in about that long, so things seem to be looking up. I hit 20 weeks (halfway there: yay!) on Monday, and we are finding out the sex on Saturday!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Hubs is convinced it's a girl...I'll be thrilled if it is if only because we have a fairly solid Top 3 list for girl names and NOTHING for boys Why are boy names so hard??? Maybe it's just me...

    Has anyone started their baby registry yet? I've just started one on Amazon and I'm finding it a bit overwhelming! This baby will be "green", so cloth diapers, chemical free toys, glass bottles, etc. There are just so many choices, and it's hard to know what's worth buying and what's junk, you know? We also have a very small house with not a lot of storage space. Any second/third/fourth time moms have any suggestions for wading through the pages upon pages of baby stuff??
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    Thanks for the welcome Hope everyone is feeling great (or as well as can be expected!!). My second trimester hasn't been the cakewalk I was hoping for but it hasn't been too bad really, just more digestive upset than I anticipated. BIG day today, finally felt our little guy moving and was 100% sure it was him and not the digestive upset I mentioned, lol. That was really cool

    I'm pretty overwhelmed by all the stuff there is to buy, but I've decided to start out slow, only get the essentials and then if other things are needed deal with those one at a time. I do want to start a registry though, I have to find the website where you can do a baby registry that pulls things from all different sites, rather than having several different registries...anyone know which site that is off the top of their head?

    Definitely want to try reusable diapers but every time I've brought it up I've gotten a negative response...need to look through the threads here and do some more research...has anyone done it successfully?


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    Hey, all! Welcome, grnberyl and congrats. To answer your question, Baby List is a site that will allow you to compile registries from different online sources. I read about it a few days ago and checked it out yesterday -- seems pretty cool! Though we've started a registry at BRU, I'm thinking I'll be combining it with a few other places on Baby List. I found registering is completely overwhelming at first, but it's getting better. I highly recommend having an experienced friend walk around a baby store with you, if you happen to have an appropriate store and a friend who's recently had a baby both nearby. I was lucky enough to have both, and it's made it a lot less scary. I also find going to the store, even though there's so much to look at, helpful. It helps me to be able to actually feel and see things in person.

    The same friend who took me shopping also got me a copy of the latest edition of Baby Bargains, which has been helpful as well. Tons of reviews and information all in one place, broken down by category. The companion website has forums with lots of user feedback on specific products, too. I've been trying to look at one thing at a time. Did all the stroller research at once, decided what we thought we wanted, then moved on to car seats, then bedding. Bit by little bit!

    As far as cloth diapering, I don't have personal experience with it but I have a friend who did it. We were thinking about it, but decided that it won't be practical with our lifestyle, with twins. There are some great blogs out there detailing people's experiences that should provide some support, though.

    Now, exciting news! I'm at about 16.5 weeks, and had an amnio on Tuesday afternoon. It was not at all a big deal -- my doctor and sonographer were incredible, talked to each other and me the entire time so I knew exactly what was happening. It didn't even hurt that much! This was a big hurdle in my mind, and all three of us seem to have sailed through, no problem. All four of us, actually -- DH was in the room the entire time, holding my hand, saw the whole thing, and was a total champ. The best part was that they were able to take a good look at the sonogram and tell us the babies' sexes! I'm holding off telling my students so we can have gender reveal cupcakes next week (after the next round of snow is out of the way -- ugh), but I'm so excited to share with all of you -- we're having TWO GIRLS!

    Now I'm just waiting to feel them move. I can see on the ultrasounds that they're squirmy and active but nothing I can actually detect on my own yet. Also, it's time to talk names, which we've been avoiding so far. We did have a boy's name already picked out, which is now out the window entirely, We're stuck with a looooong "short" list of girls' names which needs a lot of careful consideration. Soon I'll be posting something in the Girl Baby Names forum and linking to it from here.

    Since it's been mentioned in a few recent posts, I'll also offer that I am showing a whole lot and look quite pregnant. People seem to be taking delight in pointing out how big I am, and comparing me to their size or their friends' sizes (This weekend: "Laura's due in April, and you're as big as she is!" A few weeks ago: "Oh my gosh, at 14 weeks you look like I looked at 20!"), but I'm feeling good and not letting it get to me. My OB says I haven't gained an unhealthy amount, and maternity clothes are so flippin' comfortable that I'm just trying to enjoy it all! :-)

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