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    After our first round of IVF, I'm almost 6 weeks along with twins! No official due date, but DH used an online IVF calculator to determine that, if it had been one, I'd have been due early August. Since it's two, as of now, it'll most likely be July. I think. First time mommy over here, and oh boy is everything new and exciting! We're trying to remain cautiously optimistic and not get overly excited, knowing it's early yet, but carrying around this precious little secret is just wonderful. Feeling good so far, dreading things taking a turn for the worse, keeping fingers crossed that they won't!

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    Eeek!! Hello and congratulations to you all!!

    I'm happy to see this thread, as I'm currently 3 days late and have had 2 FAINT but positive HPT... I'm BUSTING to tell people so I thought it'd be safest to come here to share! I've been married for 2 months and we've only been trying since then so we are very lucky, fingers crossed all goes well...

    Looking forward to sharing my news with family on Christmas Day! Also look forward to sharing this journey with you guys!

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    Congrats miss_sam! Sounds positive to me! We got pregnant last time with only a one time chance, and this time it took 4 months. It was so exciting telling my family, so enjoy it! And tell everyone else is awesome too! Enjoy this time before the symptoms set in!
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    Welcome and congratulations, Mara, mermaiden, and miss_sam!

    I went to my cousin's wedding this Friday and was dying to tell my family about my pregnancy. I didn't though, since my SO and I have agreed not to tell until the first trimester is over. But that'll be in February! It seems so far away.
    Today I'm 5 weeks along. Not feeling any symptoms aside from a little fatigue. Mostly I just feel normal. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there could be a little person growing inside of me. It seems so surreal!

    How is everyone else doing?
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    Hi everyone and congrats to all! I was waiting for this thread. I'm due with baby #2 on July 2! I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. So far just the usual symptoms and extreme fatigue. I can't wait until feb when we find out the sex. We already have a beautiful little girl, who of course wants a sister, but we don't care either way. Hubby and I have been married for 5 years and are in our late 20's. Good luck ladies!
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