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    Came up with the name Hallson...

    I'm having another boy and have a list of about 7 names "in the running," one of which is Hallson, a name I came up with that could honor my paternal grandmother's side of the family (the Halls). My husband likes it, too, but isn't sure he "loves" it. Baby 2 would be Hallson Carter Ridge. Other names we like for firsts are Maxwell, Ronan, Bailey, Jasper, and Joel.
    Has anyone ever come across someone named Hallson??? It seems to be pretty rare, but I like it.

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    How are you pronouncing it? First syllable like in Hallie/Halle, or like Haul (as in "I hauled the trailer...") rhyming with Paul?

    I know a Halsen (first syll like in Halle) and I've always like the sound.
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    "Haul" "Sun"

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    I have never heard of anyone named Hallson. I like that it would honor family. I am not sure how I feel about the name as a first name.

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    Hallson is cute. I like that it honors your family and I'm a fan of "son" names. Way to be creative!!!

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