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    I live in East Anglia, about 2 hours away from London, Uk. And in my area Lilly, Lily, Lillie-Mae, Lily-may is extremely popular. I know about 6 children under the age of 5 with this name! Other popular names here are; Amelia, Ellie and Ellie-Mae!

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    I live in Australia and work with children. Jaxon (X essential ) and other boys names featuring X or Z are popular, as are ER names, especially Hunter and Cooper. On the traditional side the popular ones are Jack and Lucas.
    We get a lot more traditional girls names, Olivia, Sophie, Isobel and Lilly variants, and LOTS of L names; Layla Lylah Isla. The other trend is Mac names (Mackenzie, Mackenna) and surname names like Kennedy and Jamison

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