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    I live in Austria and people are so uncreative here. Lukas has been #1 here for about 10 years and every week I read at least 1 birth announcement (from our local hospital) where a boy was named Lukas.
    It's the same with girls - Hannah is #2, Lena #3 here and still they all name their kids Hannah or Lena.
    When I was in school there was another girl that had my name so I was always Isabella B. and she was always Isabella S. - I hated that.
    Imagine, when these kids go to school they will probably be numbered to make it easier for the teachers
    Lol I know austrians and they are all named Lukas! oddly enough before I met them or even knew this Lukas was/is my top boy name , it has been since I was about 6

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    I'm from Texas (but did my undergrad at a small, conservative Christian university in Tennessee). Because a lot of the people I know that are having babies are conservative evangelicals, I come across lots of "unusual" biblical names that aren't actually so unusual, because they've suddenly become trendy among our friend group. So names like Asher, Noah, Elijah, Gideon, etc. For girls it's all the top ten names - every other baby is Olivia, Sophia, or Emma.

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    Old Testament names! I mean, I get that they are great people to have for namesakes, but I can't understand why people still continue to name their daughters Sarah here when there are like 200 in a small town. Not to mention Leah, Rachel, and Rebekah/Rebecca. As for boys, Jackson, Caleb, Elijah, and Ethan are really getting to be too much.
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    Madelyn, Mackenzie, Makayla, Madison, Kaylee, Kaitlyn, Kylie - and every spelling variation they can think of for each.
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    There are lots of yooneek namers around here. As I was waiting at the hospital for my niece to be born (for 13 hours!) I amused myself by reading all the names on the wall by the nursery.

    Chloe/Khloee ect. dominated the board. The one that gave me the biggest sigh was Blahkleighe.

    Then we had the odd word names like Riot and Ryot (huge eye roll). There was also Rowdy and Rune and even Romper. R's are trendy I guess.

    Then there were the 35 Cooper's and then the new Cooper that was born that day. Why?

    And how could I forget Egypxt. Not Egypt. Egypxt. What is that?
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