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    OVER USED names in my area!

    I live in a rural area in southern West Virginia, where most mothers give their daughters names that start with either a C or a K and the name usually ends with the E sound. Example: Kylie Kristy & Carlee. And often the same name will be used by multiple mothers but with different spelling, for example instead of a Y they will use an IE. These types of names are constantly over used in my area and I was wondering if any Berries have certain "types" of names that are overly used in their area?
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    I live in Austria and people are so uncreative here. Lukas has been #1 here for about 10 years and every week I read at least 1 birth announcement (from our local hospital) where a boy was named Lukas.
    It's the same with girls - Hannah is #2, Lena #3 here and still they all name their kids Hannah or Lena.
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    I'm in Northern England... there's lots dull/dated names or classics like Jessica, Hannah, Amelia, Emily, Kate that people are still using for babies.

    And then there are the cutesy names - Lily, Poppy, Daisy, Elsie, Maisie, Evie, Sophie, Rosie. I know 3+ of each, all under 6. Boys are worst hit I think though with Harry, Alfie, Archie, Ollie, Charlie used on at least half of all babies, I'm sure.

    And there are ''chav names''. So many of them. Usually double-barrelled (Lacie-Mai, Yvie-Marie), follow American trends (Kaylee, Rylie) or are spelt badly (Alyvia, Katelin).
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    I'm in the midwest, USA, and my particular area seems to love super trendy/popular names and are fans of creative spellings.

    I see a steady stream of names for boys like Jace, Cade, Brayden, and Jaxon (there is a Jace/Jase/Jayce every week I swear.)

    Overused girl names are in the cute or creative spelling vein: Kayleigh, Addyson, Brinley. Or they are names like Madison, Savannah, Skylar--perfectly nice names, but not much outside of the box.

    These are the overused names. I see classic names or nameberry-type names sometimes too, but they aren't as prominent.
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    For girls my most overused are Amelia (which surprised me), Ella, and Olivia
    For boys Aiden (my daughter has 2 in her daycare class of around 8)

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