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  • Emery

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    Help! Nowhere near decision and baby coming soon...need sibling name for Aurelia!

    Hubby and I have a relatively short list going, but we are finding it IMPOSSIBLE to commit to a name for our new baby girl arriving shortly. We are trying to make a choice that goes well with my 2 year old daughter's name, which is Aurelia. Of all the nicknames we thought of originally for Aurelia, we end up calling her "Rels" or "Rellies" the most...which will possibly evolve into Ellie. Somehow Lia just doesn't fit her, which we thought we'd use. Here's the list (with pro's and con's next to each one)!

    Elodie (I really love this name, only challenge is that the most intuitive nickname is Ellie. We would have to be a creative on that - ideas?)

    Clara (Love the simplicity and beauty of this name, but its only 2 syllables to Aurelia's 4 - does that matter, wdyt? Also a challenge for this obvious nickname. Open to suggestions!)

    Emery (Nickname likely Emmy or something similar, which I like. This was last on DH's list of faves tho, but I think its cute)

    Matilda (A part of me adores this name, another part of me worries its frumpy)

    Serafina (I'm including this because its DH's fave, but I've been mulling on it for months and can't quite wrap my head around it. It seems like such a big name somehow, and I think it will be shortened to Sarah by a lot of people. We like the nickname Fina, but not sure that will stick outside the home. We have relatives named Sarah so don't want to copy, but I'm just not sure Sarah has enough pizazz especially next to Aurelia)


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    Nicknames for Elodie: Lolo, Dee, Di-di.
    Clara and Aurelia have very different styles. Emery and Aurelia almost seem to run together.
    Serafina fits wel, but I vastly prefer the Seraphina spelling.
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    Other nicknames for Serafina/Seraphina could be: Fifi, Rina, Saff, Saffie
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    Elodie - Doesn't seem to fit with Aurelia off the top of my head, but get around Ellie with Lola.
    Clara - Stylistically on the way toward Aurelia, but more simple. Hm. Clarissa? Clare seems the obvious nickname choice here, but she could be fancied up to Claribel for a nickname.
    Emery - Furthest from Aurelia; unisex exaggerated next to feminine Aurelia. Use Emmeline or Emelda if you like Emmy!
    Matilda - Perhaps the Mathilda spelling makes it feel a little more fancy to you? It does for me. Some names in that vein might be Miranda or Ramona or Romola (Romy).
    Serafina - Seems the most natural fit with Aurelia, but you have good points. Perhaps Delphine? Del or Fifi for short?

    Of these, I think I'd go with Matilda spelled as Mathilda. Or Clara. If you'd like other ideas, I might suggest Livia (Liv, Livy), Violetta (Vi, Vivi, Lettie), Zola (Zoe), Cassia (Cassie, Cici), Junia (June, Junie), Nicola (Coco, Nic), Dorothea (Thea, Dot, Dottie), or Sylvia (Sylvie).
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    With Aurelia I like Matilda.

    Another nickname for Elodie could be Elle.

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