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    Thoughts on this peaceful name...?

    I am thinking on the name Meadow for a little girl. I'd like your opinion...

    What would you think if you met a fair-skinned, light-headed little girl names Meadow?

    Would you pair it with another nature/free spirited name?

    So far I like Iris Meadow. I really like Meadow on its own, although I know many may not agree with me here (but if Brooke is a name, couldn't Meadow be too?)

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    I like it as a middle, and it's pretty lovely with Iris (though I tend to prefer only one "word name" at a time). I would personally avoid using it as a first name. Cute on a kid (or a cat), but a grown woman named Meadow may have a tough time proving herself outside of the art world.

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    I adore Meadow! I am very fond of nature word names. I think its peaceful and sweet. I'm often in the minority around here because I find shorter, more "unsubstantial" names perfectly fine on their own.
    I've grown up with a short, "cutesy" name ending in 'ie' and I've never had any problems.

    Iris Meadow is beautiful!
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    I like Prairie and Heath, but I'm not sure about Meadow. As a middle name totally! but as a first.....I don't know why it just doesn't thrill me.
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    I adore Iris, but paired with Meadow it sounds like you're describing a flower field and not a child.
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