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    Changing up the signature AGAIN

    My 2014 New Years Resolution is going to be 'to be less indecisive towards names'. Lord help any future husband I have! Poor guy won't be able to keep up with my favourites Anywho, regardless, I need some honest opinions towards the following names. The only one set in stone right now is Maude :-) It's the only one I haven't been able to shake.

    Elizabeth* (Elizabeth is my mum's name, so this will definitely be a contender for a middle if it's eliminated)
    Margaret (also a family name, so might make it to the middle spot if it's eliminated)

    *Forgot to add in Philomena!
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    You have a beautiful list! My favourites are in bold.

    Agnes - gorgeous, it's a family name so maybe I'm slightly biased but I love it
    Alethea - whilst I love Althea/Athena, this is off for me. I can't not think Alicia, which I dislike. What about Athalia?
    Alexandra - I've never liked this, I don't know why. It's just long and dull.
    Alice - pretty, but it's so popular in the UK it's not incredibly special to me.
    Augusta - I LOVE this so much.
    Catherine - I have a particularly bad association with this, so I'm not a fan. I do love it's nicknames though (Kitty - ahhk!)
    Clarinda - never heard this before, but I like it.
    Constance - Beautiful. I know the most gorgeous little girl called Constance which is why I fell in love with it (love Connie too)
    Dorothea - I like it, but it's a bit frilly for my tastes.
    Dorothy - Again, I adore this because of one little girl I know (she's actually Constance's sister!) I love the literary connection as well.
    Drusilla - I want to like this but it's too witch-y.
    Edith - Lovely, especially with nn Edie
    Eleanor - So elegant and beautiful but like Alice, I'm a bit bored with it. In the UK it's usually pronounced el-ah-nah, and rarely as el-ah-NOR, which I dislike for some reason too.
    Elizabeth - Elizabeth is such a perfect name, which is why it's been so popular for so long. It's massive amount of nicknames keeps it fresh too. But I'm going to be honest, I don't love it. It lacks a certain quality for me.
    Eloise - I appreciate the French-ness of this, and in theory I should like it but I find it a little slimy.
    Elsie - So sweet. It's really trendy in the UK which puts me off, but it's still lovely.
    Eugenie - I think of the princess. Not a great connotation.
    Florence - this is beautiful, with so many pretty nicknames (I know a Flo, a Florry and a Flora)
    Frances - This was never a huge favourite of mine, but I've grown to appreciate it because of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter.
    Gwendoline - it's okay, I've never loved it. Aesthetically I prefer Gwendolen(e).
    Helena - huh-lay-na or he-leh-na? Like Eleanor, Nameberry seems to say this differently to what I've heard! I like the second pn.
    Imogen - I like this a lot, but I don't love it like I used to. It's perfect on your list though.
    Ingrid - so beautifully Scandinavian. I feel it sticks out a bit from the rest, though.
    Iris - Iris is a long-term favourite of mine, it's gorgeous.
    Isadora - this was one of my first favourite names so I think I'll always appreciate it, but I've grown to dislike the -dora ending.
    Margaret - this is a super important family name for me as well, so again I'm biased. I think it's a beautiful and massively underused name, with a huge array of nicknames. The only thing that puts me off it that when I do get round to having children, I think it will get very popular very suddenly, in the UK at least, which is a shame.
    Philippa - Pippa is a huge favourite of mine, and I know girls who've made me like Philippa, but I'm not a huge fan.
    Rosalind - I was thinking only yesterday how sweet and magical Rosalind is, but I usually ignore it since I don't usually like Rose- names. It's grown on my very quickly, I love it.
    Rosamund - another one I usually ignore; the -mund part sounds sort of vulgar to me.
    Violet - This is lovely, but I prefer Viola for it's literary heritage (Twelfth Night is my favourite play, and the one I'm named after).

    Philomena - there is a new, very successful Steve Coogan film out called Philomena which I automatically thought of. It's okay. I can't not think of Philadelphia Cheese though. Mena is cute. What about Pomeline?
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    Agnes - Generally a little stuffy, but the right whimsical child could brighten it up. I love the nn Ness.
    Alethea - Pretty, I like nn Thea.
    Alexandra - Doesn't feel as special as some of the other names here.
    Alice - A classic favorite of mine!
    Augusta - Lovely. I've always liked the combo Augusta Jane.
    Catherine - A strong, regal name.
    Clarinda - Not familiar with this one. Sounds like a mashup of Clarissa and Lucinda, or a Harry Potter character.
    Constance - Never quite liked the whiny "cahn" sound that the first syllable produces. I also tend to dislike nn Connie.
    Dorothea - A little dotty.
    Dorothy - I don't think this name will ever outlive its blue gingham, ruby shoes image.
    Drusilla - I know it's not letter-for-letter, but I can't help but picture Cinderella's ugly stepsister.
    Edith - Not my style, but nice.
    Eleanor - Queenly and beautiful.
    Elizabeth - Another classic favorite of mine. It's a family name for me as well.
    Eloise - I love this spunky French name.
    Elsie - Adorable, but Elsa feels more substantial.
    Eugenie - Not my favorite, sorry.
    Florence - Elegant and gorgeous.
    Frances - Stuffy. Dislike nn Frankie.
    Gwendoline - Lovely.
    Helena - Nice.
    Imogen - Nice, not my style.
    Ingrid - Ruined by association.
    Iris - Gorgeous flower and name.
    Isadora - The name is cute, but Isadora Duncan met a tragic end.
    Margaret - feels a little secretarial to me.
    Philippa - nn Pippi is cute.
    Philomena - sounds like an old British woman from the countryside.
    Rosalind - One of my favorite of Shakespeare's ladies.
    Rosamund - I was crushed when I learned this was pronounced roh-zuh-MOON-duh.
    Violet - One letter of from violent.
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    Some great names on your list. My impressions are as follows:

    Agnes - Beautiful, simple & timeless.
    Alethea - a bit too frilly...
    Alexandra - Strong but a bit 80s..
    Alice - Timeless, classic & magical...
    Augusta - Strong, stoic & beautiful...
    Catherine - Timeless but a bit too 'safe'...prefer Kate or Caitlin...
    Clarinda - I prefer Clorinda...but Clarinda is sprightly too..
    Constance - Classic but not cool enough to be vintage yet...
    Dorothea - ditto
    Dorothy - ditto
    Drusilla - One of Cinderella's mean
    Edith - Mmmm, okay I guess....
    Eleanor - Not into this name...
    Elizabeth* (Elizabeth is my mum's name, so this will definitely be a contender for a middle if it's eliminated). I LOVE this's just quintessentially feminine, historical & regal...
    Eloise - and Heloise- both great medieval names...LOVE THEM!
    Elsie - maybe for a pony?
    Eugenie - The pinnacle of bad taste for a female name IMHO...
    Florence - SUBLIME, but I also love Florence + The Machine & Italy (plus the reference to flowers)...a very pretty & elegant name.
    Frances - A bit dowdy...
    Gwendoline - No comment...
    Helena - Okay...
    Imogen - ditto
    Ingrid - ditto..
    Iris - ditto
    Isadora - GORGEOUS!!!
    Margaret (also a family name, so might make it to the middle spot if it's eliminated): nice, but I prefer Margot/ Margaux/ Marguerite etc
    Philippa - Great sassy name...and love the reference to horses...
    Philomena - Boring...
    Rosalind - Ever so charming & pretty...
    Rosamund - STUNNING!!!!!!!!!
    Violet - One of my favorites, so very, very lovely....

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    Agnes - too old lady-ish
    Alethea - reminds me of leaves
    Alexandra - hm, sort of boring.
    Alice - sweet, but simple
    Augusta - I like this, but it reminds me of Augustus Gloop - the fat kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Catherine - I prefer with a K
    Clarinda - Never heard of this, but reminds me of Linda and Clarice - neither of which I like
    Constance - this is nice, especially for a middle name.
    Dorothea - LOVE! So pretty!
    Dorothy - Love this too!
    Drusilla - Um, no. Sounds totally evil.
    Edith - Really nice. Similar feel to Alice, but less popular. (plus, has adorable nn Edie)
    Eleanor - I like this one too
    Elizabeth* (Elizabeth is my mum's name, so this will definitely be a contender for a middle if it's eliminated) - A good, solid name, especially for the middle place
    Eloise - I like this one a lot.
    Elsie - Sounds too much like a nn. How about Eloise nn Elsie?
    Eugenie - Pretty, but screams french.
    Florence - I prefer Flora.
    Frances - hm, I had a neighbour who was a super old woman named this, so that's all I can think of when I see the name.
    Gwendoline - don't love the name, but the nn Winnie would be sweet.
    Helena - One of those names that I wonder how anyone can love but I totally see how it's likeable.
    Imogen - SO pretty! Have you considered Imogene? (I prefer Imogen, but Imogene is really nice!)
    Ingrid - With all the flower names, this one will come back too.
    Iris - it's ok.
    Isadora - really pretty!
    Margaret (also a family name, so might make it to the middle spot if it's eliminated) - Great for the middle spot.
    Philippa - Cute! I love all the nn options too!
    Philomena - It has the word "mean" in it, but that's the only down side.
    Rosalind - hm, NMS.
    Rosamund - better than Rosalind.
    Violet - LOVEEEE! Favourite of all the names mentioned here!

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