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    Yes, a number of these are very weird. But I really like Rocket, Zion, & Legend, Fairy, & Nyx. Also, a number of people on nameberry have been discussing the name Zion—I think there’s even a few who’ve named their son this. So, I agree with most the other comments—Zion’s probably the least weird name listed.

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    Archita Wrigley


    I don't have a current name to offer, but two old ones.

    A great aunt was named Myrtis and an old lady in my home town was named Dorolyene.

    Ah, and a diner owner was named Bruceil.

    Archita Wrigley Bruceil.... that should win an award of some dubious sort. (I actually am fond of Myrtis as a name, the way you might feel about a puce bud vase given to you by an old relative).

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    I think Nyx is a fabulous name for a boy or a girl. Leviathin....that's pretty epic. I have no idea what I would do if I came across a little baby named Leviathin. Pee my pants, probably.
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    The only one that's really weird and disturbing to me is Hurricaine. It is horrible to name your child after natural disaster that causes so much pain to people.
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    Leviathan? The parents must have been huge Hobbes fans.
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