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    Birth #1 Jessica Amelia Nadine & Jasmine Aurora Noelle.
    Birth #2 Felicity Eloise Briar & Francesca Emilee Brooke.
    Birth #3 Mitchell Andrew Riley
    Birth #4 Aiden Patrick Roland, Anthony Pierce Ryder & Alfie Paisley Ronan
    Birth #5 Molly Anneliese Yasmine
    Birth #6 Jacob Ulric Nathaniel & Jackson Ulric Niall
    Birth #7 Jensen Ulric Lucas & Josiah Ulric Levi
    Birth #8 Abigail Una Grace, Adelaide Una Gemini & Alexis Una Giselle
    Birth #9 Sienna Evangeline Piper
    Birth #10 Olivia Coralie Tina & Ophelia Claire Tori
    Birth #11 Nicholas Oakley Vaughn
    Birth #12 G: Devyn Everly Charlotte
    I hate kids having same middle name as siblings, but I couldn't think of any more for U...

    My stunning princesses: Jessica, Jasmine, Felicity, Francesca, Molly, Abigail, Adelaide, Alexis, Sienna, Olivia, Ophelia & Devyn.
    My handsome princes: Mitchell, Aiden, Anthony, Alfie, Jacob, Jackson, Jensen, Josiah, Nicholas.
    My name list is always growing & changing, but favourite names at present are
    Girls: Isabella Charlotte, Abigail Faye, Saoirse Eden
    Boys: Caleb Arthur, Gabriel James and Elijah Finley

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    Jessica. 24. Just a curious Britberry.

    Cora Madeleine | Eira Margot | Lyra Marigold | Maeva Ysanne | Nancy Arabella | Sybil Arietta
    Hugo Anthony | Lachlan Jasper | Oscar Vincent | Malachy Rhys | Ralph Alexander | Sidney Joshua
    Other Favourites
    Louisa, Isobel, Sloane, Zosia, Hestia, Cecily, Wallis, Demelza
    Lorcan, Otis, Maxwell, Killian, Dominic, Arthur, Reuben, Cyrus

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    Thanks to their names, December June and Julio August have a certain affinity for the months of the year, so they want to give their children initials that reflect that theme.

    Use this dice to play:

    Roll the dice to figure out how many children are in each birth.
    1-3: single
    4-5: twins
    6: triplets

    Roll again for each child to figure out the gender.
    Even: girl
    Odd: boy

    LN: Johnson

    Birth #1: initials are JAN
    Boy- Joseph Aaron Nicholas Johnson (Joey)

    Birth #2: initials are FEB
    Twin girls- Freya Elana Beatrice Johnson & Farrah Ellen Bay Johnson

    Birth #3: initials are MAR
    Triplets b,g,g- Micah Austin Roland Johnson & Madelyn Annette Renee Johnson & Molly Ann Rayne Johnson

    Birth #4: initials are APR
    Triplets b, g, g- Ashton Preston Remi Johnson & Aleah Paige Ray Johnson & Arabella Paisley Raylan Johnson

    Birth #5: initials are MAY
    Girl- Madison Aspen Yalen Johnson

    Birth #6: initials are JUN
    Boy- Josiah Usher Nathan Johnson

    Birth #7: initials are JUL
    Girl- Juliet Ursula Lynette Johnson

    Birth #8: initials are AUG
    Girl- Adrian Unity Grace Johnson

    Birth #9: initials are SEP
    Girl- Sutton Elizabeth Pamela Johnson
    Boy- Samuel Evan Paxton Johnson

    Birth #10: initials are OCT
    Girl- Olivia Claire Tatum Johnson
    Boy- Owen Chase Texas Johnson
    Boy- Oscar Christian Timothy Johnson

    Birth #11: initials are NOV
    Girl- Nova Opal Vanessa Johnson
    Boy- Noah Oliver Van Johnson

    Birth #12: initials are DEC
    Girl- Danielle Elizabeth Cheyenne Johnson
    Boy- Daniel Ethan Courtland Johnson
    Boy- David Easton Chase Johnson

    List their family below! Have fun!

    DH: Julio August
    DW: December June
    One princess named Courtney Ann.

    Boys; Landon, Bentley, Logan, Isaac, Carson
    Girl; Kennedy, London, Emmalyn, Penelope, Natalie, Sadie, Grayson, Kiley

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