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    Thoughts on favourite names?

    Hubby and I have been discussing potential girls names, and we'd love to get your opinions on our list! What would you rank each name out of 10? What are your favourites from our list? Which do you think work best as sisters?

    (There are probably a lot of similarities in sounds/names due to our style. Sorry about that!)

    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie)
    Charlize (nn Charli)
    Delfina (nn Delfi)

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    Alexandra - not bad, but this name really saw its day in the sun back in the early 2000s/late 90s. I tend to prefer Alexandria.
    Amara - not a fan.
    Amari - never heard of this one before. Not a fan.
    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie) - Amelia is pretty but far too popular. I adore Amelie, but don't think nn Millie is necessary with this one.
    Arden - sounds so harsh to me.
    Aurelia - makes me think of some gorgeous Roman goddess. Not a fan of the nickname choices though.
    Averie - Cute, but not my favorite.
    Camila - bad association has ruined this name for me.
    Charlize (nn Charli) - too tied to the actress.
    Clara - stiff and formal-sounding.
    Delfina (nn Delfi) - I like Delphine, Delphinia and Delphinium, but not Delfina for some reason.
    Emerie - Prefer the Emery spelling, not my favorite.
    Giselle - Lovely.
    Haven - Not my style.
    Imogen - Okay, I suppose.
    Kyla - Not a fan.
    Lilia - I prefer plain Lily.
    Lucia - Again, I prefer Lucy.
    Lydia - For some reason, this name's never quite grown on me.
    Lyla - Spelled Lila, this is quite pretty.
    Madeleine - Cute. Makes me think of pastries.
    Marisa - Never quite sure how to pronounce this (mar-iss-uh or mah-rees-uh?)
    Mila - Cute.
    Nina - Dislike.
    Phoebe - All the Phoebe's I know are very dull.
    Samara - Not my style.
    Skye - I've always had a soft spot for this name.
    Stella - One of my favourites! Sweet and spunky.
    Summer - Eh. Not my style.
    Sybella - Not bad, but not my favourite.
    Teresa - Again, not my style, but a fine name nevertheless.
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    My favorites from your list:
    Camila or Camille (you could use nn Mila)
    Delfina or Delphine (the nn Del is super cute)

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    Alexandra - 6/10 Very regal and stuffy to me. Lots of cute nicknames are a plus though.
    Amara - 7/10 Lovely!
    Amari - 3/10 Seems incomplete.
    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie) - 9/10 Beautiful and classic.
    Arden - 3/10 I don't care for its harsh sound.
    Aurelia - 8/10 Stunning, but also a mouthful.
    Averie - 4/10 I prefer Avery and also tend to not care for unisex names.
    Camila- 6/10 Pretty name, just does nothing for me.
    Charlize (nn Charli) - 2/10 I much prefer Charlotte. Charlize looks awkward and dated.
    Clara - 9/10 Beautiful, short and sweet.
    Delfina (nn Delfi) - 6/10 Although it sounds lovely, I always think of dolphins. Which can be a good or bad thing.
    Emerie - see Averie
    Giselle - 2/10 I don't care for this. I just think of gazelles. I think about animals often.
    Haven - 7/10 Huge guilty pleasure for me. I love its sound and meaning.
    Imogen - 4/10 I've never been able to jump on this band wagon.
    Kyla - 6/10 Its lovely, but will blend into the million Kiley's and Kaylee's.
    Lilia - 9/10 Stunning!
    Lucia - 9/10 Love this as well. Very sweet and playful.
    Lydia - 6/10 I also can't see the appeal of this name, but it's not terrible and I wouldn't mind meeting a little Lydia.
    Lyla - 7/10 Pretty, but it feels boring to me. I prefer Lyra.
    Madeleine - 5/10 I adore this name, but the amount if Maddie's I see around here kind of ruins it.
    Marisa - 1/10 Dated and boring
    Mila - 7/10 Lovely
    Nina - 6/10 Cute and spunky but could also sound dated.
    Phoebe - 7/10 Its a pretty name, I just don't personally care for it.
    Samara - 4/10 I don't care for this. Reminds me of the girl from the Grudge.
    Sky - 2/10 Very popular filler middle name around here.
    Stella - 9/10 I'm in love with Stella. She often battles Luna for my #1 (you can't have both!)
    Summer - 8/10 A lot of people find this really immature but I find it charming.
    Sybella - 2/10 I don't care for this at all.
    Teresa - 2/10 Ruined for me by association.

    My favorite are Amelia, Aurelia, Lilia, Clara and Stella.

    Stella and Haven sound like quirky sisters. I also like Clara and Phoebe together.
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    Alexandra 8 (always a beautiful name)
    Amara 6 (Cute. But i think you have better on your list.
    Amari 4 (This is a boys name. Amarice was a name on Xena back in the day that you might like. Am-ah-rees) I think that is a lot prettier personally.
    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie) 8 (Super cute. Probably my favorite on your list. )
    Arden 1 (Boys name in my opinion.)
    Aurelia 8 (This WAS on my long list, but I found it frustrating how people sort of have different opinions about how it should be pronounced. It is pretty though with a pretty meaning.)
    Averie 1 (i only like for a boy, spelled Avery)
    Camila 6 (I really like Camile, but Camila is just a bit too much for me personally. I do like it though.)
    Charlize (nn Charli) 1 (boy nick name. I'm not a fan of the girl charlie trend.)
    Clara 5 (Boring)
    Delfina (nn Delfi) 2 (Second time I've seen this name in as many days. It doesn't do it for me.)
    Emerie (1 Just because I think of it as a boys name. I actually like it a lot got a boy.)
    Giselle 8 (Pretty, it is on my long list for my next daughter.)
    Haven 6 (Cute, I really want to like it more. I don't know. Maybe it would be better for a boy? It is sort of reminiscent of Gavin, Devin, Davin... I think I might like it better for a boy.)
    Imogen 5 (I don't understand why this one is so popular here. I feel like it is just... bad. Im-o-gen. NO! You'r-o-gene... No! Im-o-gen!)
    Kyla 4 (I really like Kayli, Kyli, Kayla, Kira... Kyla is the only one I don't like.)
    Lilia 4 (I don't like Lilia, your trying too hard. Why not just Lilly, Lila, Lilla, or Layla? They are all super sweet girly girl names. The "ia" on the end is over kill.)
    Lucia 2 (Blech.)
    Lydia 7 (Also pretty, a little dark. This is one I have tossed around for my own daughter or a character name.)
    Lyla 7 (Pretty.)
    Madeleine 8 (I really like Madeleine, but I'd prefer just Madeline.)
    Marisa 7 (Cute, a little dated but still sweet.)
    Mila 5 (I feel like people only like this name because of Mila Kunis. Never saw it much until she did the Black Swan.)
    Nina 6 (Cute)
    Phoebe 2 (Too Friends.)
    Samara 6 (I like this so much, but it reminds me of the creepy girl from the ring ESPECIALLY if your daughter has the potential for dark brown or black hair. If it weren't for that i'd have voted it higher.)
    Skye 1 (dated, feels really flakey to me.)
    Stella 1 (old lady)
    Summer 5 (Pretty, but maybe a little dated. I really like Winter if you haven't considered it.)
    Sybella 1 (You'll constant hear, "Isabella?" )
    Teresa 2 (too old)

    For sisters

    I think Lydia and Aurelia are really fun. One is darker, the other literally means light. I think Liddy and Ari would be cute nick names.
    Amelia and Giselle would be stunning sister names. They are both German, so they have a connection.
    Lydia and Marisa have a subtle connection as well. Lydia is a place name and Marisa means "of the sea" which the sea, also just happens to be a place.
    Madeleine and Alexandra are both classic beauties and would sound lovely together.

    I think Haven is a nice middle name for most of these names. Aurelia Haven, Giselle Haven, Madeleine Haven, Amelia Haven... And actually now that I think about it, Haven meaning a safe place would be perfect with Amelia to sort of balance out the fact that a name sake, Amelia Erhart was literally lost to us.

    Madeleine is also pretty nice with most of the names. Aurelia Madeleine, Lydia Madeleine, Marisa Madeleine...

    Aurelia Giselle is a pretty combo.
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