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    Alexandra - 5/10 There is nothing wrong with it by any means, I just grew up with so so many Alexandras that the name is very played out for me.
    Amara - 7/10 I really liked this when I was younger. Very fresh, very easy to say but still interesting. Then my cousin used it for her daughter.
    Amari - 3/10 It isn't a girls name to me. My friend has a 5 year old boy called Amari.
    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie) - 8/10 I personally prefer Amelie.
    Arden - 7/10 I'm actually a fan of this name. However, I'm more familiar with it as a boys name.
    Aurelia - 2/10 Nope. It was my name in my Spanish language class in middle school. Hate it.
    Averie - 4/10 Not bad. The spelling is pretty, but I was initially tempted to say "Ave-uh-rie" instead of Avery.
    Camila - 2/10 with this spelling, 7/10 if you add the extra L to make it Camilla. I think it's cute.
    Charlize (nn Charli) - 1/10 NMS at all
    Clara - 5/10 Like Alexandra, it's very played out for me. But it's a perfectly suitable name!
    Delfina (nn Delfi) - 6/10 I prefer Delphine. I'm so against the letter F it's borderline insane. But I enjoy the name, it's very fun to say
    Emerie - 3/10 Don't like the spelling, but love the name Emery.
    Giselle - 8/10 I have this on my list as well, so I clearly love it. But it almost feels too over the top
    Haven - 6/10 It is a pretty name. Something about it bugs me, though. But at the same time I find it very interesting...
    Imogen - 3/10 It's just meh.
    Kyla - 1/10 Don't like it at all. It makes an awkward sound on my tongue.
    Lilia - 9/10 Lovely!
    Lucia - 3/10 I don't care for the "Loo" sound.
    Lydia - 6/10 Cute. Average. I can see this one making a comeback soon, as well.
    Lyla - 2/10 I don't know why I don't like this, but I don't
    Madeleine - 8/10 Very sweet.
    Marisa - 6/10 Same as I feel about Alexandra and Clara.
    Mila - 8/10 I love it, but it feels slightly unfinished.
    Nina - 9/10 Love. But like Mila, it almost feels unfinished.
    Phoebe - 1/10 Always hated this one. No real reason, it just doesn't appeal to me in any way lol
    Samara - 4/10 It's a very sweet, girly name...I just don't care much for it
    Skye - 2/10 Ever since I met my friend's son named Skye...I'm done
    Stella - 3/10 It's cute but doesn't do anything for me.
    Summer - 3/10. Very cliche for me. It's one of those names that I think everyone wants to name their daughter at one point
    Sybella - 1/10 I don't even know what to do with this one, I'm sorry
    Teresa - 6/10 I used to be in love with this name, but now it's just kind of blah. I'll put it in the same category as Alexandra and Clara and Marisa.

    My favorites are definitely Amelie, Lilia, Madeleine, Nina, that order

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    Sorry, I don't know how to copy and paste your list on my iPad (I'm a bit challenged!). These are the only 4 I really like from your list:

    Amara 8
    Clara 9
    Giselle - but I prefer Gisella. Nickname could be Gigi. 7
    Lucia <3 10

    I'd rate all the others 5 or less.
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    My favorites from your list are -

    Alexandra - 7
    Amelia - 7
    Clara - 7 (although I prefer Claire - 9)
    Lilia - 10
    Madeleine - 10
    Stella - 9

    The other names are personally not my style.

    For sisters I like -

    Lilia and Madeleine
    Claire and Stella
    Alexandra and Madeleine
    Amelia and Clarie

    (My favorite being Madeleine and Lilia)

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    Alexandra - It reminds me very much of Alexander, thus making it a masculine and harsh name for a girl
    Amara - it's differwnt but cute, unique but not yooniqce
    Amari - I like Amara better
    Amelia/Amelie (nn Millie) - love both names and adore the nn Millie
    Arden - nice but nms
    Aurelia - gorgeous name, a rare beauty
    Averie - nms
    Camila - I'm missing an L here
    Charlize (nn Charli) - nms
    Clara - wonderful, she's such a sweet classic
    Delfina (nn Delfi) - reminds me of Dolphin
    Emerie - nms
    Giselle - for me it's a bit too vintage
    Haven - not a huge fan of word names
    Imogen - never really liked this one
    Kyla - very modern
    Lilia - a beautiful twist on an overused classic
    Lucia - it depends how you plan on pronouncing it
    Lydia - gorgeous, she has such a long history of usage, yet get's overlooked by many parents
    Lyla - I like Lila better but the name is nice
    Madeleine - I might pronounce it differently than you would, but Madeleine is great
    Marisa - nms
    Mila - great
    Nina - nms
    Phoebe - sweet
    Samara - also sms
    Skye - see Haven
    Stella - very nice
    Summer - see Haven
    Sybella - that looks like you made it up (even if you didn't)
    Teresa - nice but very vintage to me

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