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Thread: Can't decidep

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    Can't decidep

    My husband and I have been going back and forth on girl's names! We have a two year old son named Leeland, he's a red headed, green eyed cutie! I have a feeling our girl will have similar features. Our top 4 girl names are


    Which should we pick?!

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    Marlo and Drew are both boys' names to me. Paisley is a fabric pattern.
    Aspen isn't my style, but is definitely the best of your options.
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    I like Paisley the best! I can picture it on a little red haired green eyed girl. I think that it also sounds very nice with her brother's name, Leeland. I really like the name Leeland too!
    Drew would be my second pick out of your list but I don't think it goes as nicely with Leeland as Paisley. Maybe you could find a longer form of the name that you like and you could use Drew as nickname....
    I am not too fond of Aspen. I really do want to love it but I can't get past the first syllable as hard as I've tried to.
    Marlo would be my last choice. It sounds too masculine for my taste.

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    Aspen is my favorite!

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    Marlo by far! The rest are super trendy and not appealing imo.
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