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    Miss Therapy Smith?

    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysben View Post
    I'm going to admit...some of those words gave me a good, stomach sore laugh. I certainly hope Luncheon, Pantry, Library, Museum, and especially Therapy don't ever cross over into the naming word. Therapy especially got the giggles going!

    There are certainly words I love the sound of like antebellum, monarch, horizon, and cataclysm, but I would rather their beauty be used for poetry and not for names.

    The most successful word names for me seem to be ones that not only have lovely sound, but also meaning. Pantry does have a quirky sound, but it's still just a room to store food in. There's a fine line to be walked concerning word names!
    They made me laugh too.

    And yet, it is odd how Thor and Thora, Thalia and Thurston, and maybe even Theron are considered names and yet Therapy seems like it could never be a name. Because so many current names were simply not seen as names in the past. I know that growing up I would never have met your three of four favorite names: Luna, Violet, Fox. People in my small town would have said, "Naming her kids after a planet, a flower, a wild animal? Bring on another Debbie or Scott!"

    I do actually think Pantry and Veranda might someday enter the name realm. Priory too and maybe Harvest? To me, a pantry is more than a storage area and a veranda is more than a patio. They are special areas which foster hospitality and comfort, coziness and sociability. Priory is one of those clergy words that as a crazed Anglophile and granddaughter of a minister I love and Harvest has such a rich meaning and sound.

    Harvey, not so much!

    PS I love Monarch too, can see that as a name in a Celtic Monarch of the Glen way.
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    I love word names, especially from nature.

    Have you seen this pinterest:
    Quinoa and her friends have some awesome names

    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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    How I wish Solace was a name... *sigh*

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

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    I have Solace in one of my name combos. Viviana Solace Margo. And I used it in my NaNo book for a cute little girl. ^_^

    You all might be interested to know that I just used Remedy for a girl in my book too. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Apothecary. Cornucopia. Chalcedony. Veranda. Vitality. Kite. Evinrude. - I like Chalcedony. Veranda is also nice. What does Evinrude even mean? Apothecary and Cornucopia seem a little off as names to me, but I suppose them being names eventually is not that farfetched. Vitality is alright but nms. Kite seems strange at first - I'd go with Kit - but it is similar to Kit which I guess makes it seem nameish?

    Pamplemousse. Mossops. Bruges. Palomino. Mapleton. Chesterfield. Davenport. - I don't like Pamplemousse - just seems like too much. Mossops sounds strange but I think just Moss as a name would sound kind of nice.

    Frock. Luncheon. Crestfallen. Rhapsody. L'Heure Bleu. Bismarck. Thistle. - Frock sounds too much like a certain cuss word. Rhapsody and Thistle are the only ones of this like I could see working, and I sort of like them.

    Maritime. Tidy. Pantry. Therapy. Jaunty. Priory. Frontispiece. - I don't see any of these ever working, except MAYBE Maritime (there is Marina, Maren/Marin, etc.), but I could be wrong.

    Marionberry. Gooseberry. Spinster. Library. Museum. Candelabra. Candolier.
    - The first two, Marionberry and Goosberry, seem somewhat usable. And maybe Library.

    Rhubarb. Blancmange. Nesselrode. Deglet Noor. Frango. Syllabub. Persimmon. - Rhubarb is interesting, Noor is nice, Persimmon is quite interesting.

    Cardamom. Corduroy. Lazuli. Ptarmigan. Pheasant. Nutmeg. Harvest. - Cardamom feels faintly usable since I once imagined my best friend had a secret twin sister named Cardamom, LOL. Actually, all of these seem somewhere closeish to usable. This seems like the closest-to-usable set by far.

    A few weeks ago there was a list of crazy names linked to, many of them word names. I somewhat liked:

    "Wren." Teenberry (14). Far from kids, but name obsessed.
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