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Thread: Year Shift Game

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    Lightbulb Year Shift Game

    My first attempt at creating my own game here! There are a couple of ways you can do this so bear with me. If you want to randomize this game, pull up the dice site of your choice. (I personally really like

    Pick the number of children you want to create names for (or roll the d20).

    Decide the genders (or roll the d4- odds are boys, evens are girls).

    Pull up the Top 1000 list for 2014* and create your names from this list. Be sure to write down the numbered rankings of each name. For example:

    DD: Chloe Catherine (18/170)
    DS: Declan Joseph (122/20)
    DS: Blaine Rhys (674/483)

    *If there are not enough names you like in 2014 to make the names in your list, you can use a different year, but just keep in mind this makes the next step more complicated. BUT the important thing is that you really like your original set of names and that all of the names come from the same year of origin.

    Once you've completed your list, pick another year (or roll the d100 with a modifier such as 10 or 20 to prevent the new year from being too current and subtract the result from 2014).

    Now use the numbers from your original list to generate new name combinations. For example (using 1994 as the new year):

    DD: Chloe Catherine becomes Alexis Diamond
    DS: Declan Joseph becomes Oscar Justin
    DS: Blaine Rhys becomes Herbert Chris

    Do you like any of the names? Did you discover any cool combinations this way? What would your name be if you were born in 2014 (mine would be Evelyn Dylan, haha)? Feel free to add opinions or do several rounds, like:

    DD: Chloe Catherine becomes Kayla Charlotte (2004), Alexis Diamond (1994), Amber Marissa (1984), Shannon Angie (1974).

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    DD: Amelia Charlotte [15/10]
    DS: Lucas Benjamin [19/12]
    DD: Evelyn Bridget 'Evie' [16/536]
    DS: Theodore Liam 'Teddy' [126/2]
    DD: Molly Katherine [122/83]
    DS: Owen Patrick [36/153]
    DD: Penelope Jane 'Penny' [42/322]

    DD: Alyssa Madison
    DS: William Joseph
    DD: Amanda Celine
    DS: Joel Jacob
    DD: Jocelyn Kelly
    DS: Cody Javier
    DD: Destiny Aliyah
    favourites: William Joseph and Amanda Celine
    weirdest: Destiny Aliyah
    least favourites: Joel Jacob and Alyssa Madison
    favourite names: William, Celine, Joel, Cody and Aliyah

    DD: Lauren Megan
    DS: Nicholas Ryan
    DD: Amber Natalia
    DS: Drew Christopher
    DD: Brenda Dominique
    DS: Stephen Taylor
    DD: Vanessa Lorena
    favourites: Lauren Megan and Nicholas Ryan
    weirdest: Brenda Dominique
    least favourites: Amber Natalia and Stephen Taylor
    favourite names: Lauren, Megan, Nicholas, Natalia and Taylor

    DD: Elizabeth Nicole
    DS: Mark Joseph
    DD: Kelly Sunshine
    DS: Allen Jason
    DD: Carla Barbara
    DS: Benjamin Harold
    DD: Danielle Jennie
    favourites: Elizabeth Nicole and Benjamin Harold
    weirdest: Kelly Sunshine
    least favourites: Allen Jason and Carla Barbara
    favourite names: Elizabeth, Jason, Benjamin and Danielle

    DD: Sandra Donna
    DS: Ronald Joseph
    DD: Brenda Tamela
    DS: Dave David
    DD: Joann Angela
    DS: Bruce Nicholas
    DD: Peggy Jennie
    favourites: Ronald Joseph and Joann Angela
    weirdest: Dave David
    least favourites: Sandra Donna and Bruce Nicholas
    favourite names: Donna, Ronald and Joann

    DD: Rose Virginia
    DS: Harry Paul
    DD: Lillian Emilie
    DS: Horace William
    DD: Estelle Violet
    DS: Ernest Lyle
    DD: Bernice Callie
    favourites: Lillian Emilie and Harry Paul
    weirdest: Bernice Callie
    least favourites: Estelle Violet and Horace William
    favourite names: Rose, Harry, Lillian, Emilie, William and Violet

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    DD: Khloe Isabella (88/4)
    DS: Grayson Kade (63/405)
    DD: Maya Lucy (74/62)
    DD: Kylie Estelle (73/906)
    DD: Aria Grace (31/21)
    DS: Kayden Ty (90/424)

    Khloe, Grayson, Maya, Kylie, Aria, and Kayden

    DD: Kelsey Ashley
    DS: Seth Graham
    DD: Trinity Vanessa
    DD: Christina Norma
    DD: Nicole Rachel
    DS: Jesse Felipe

    Kelsey, Seth, Trinity, Christina, Nicole, and Jesse

    DD: Julia Sarah
    DS: Zachary Alexis
    DD: Sandra Vanessa
    DD: Catherine Consuelo
    DD: Kristin Laura
    DS: Cory Devon

    Julia, Zachary, Sandra, Catherine, Kristin, and Cory.

    DD: Sarah Barbara
    DS: Howard Ned
    DD: Doris Sherry
    DD: Maria Richard (boy name #906 was Ashley, girl was Richard... interesting)
    DD: Beverly Judith
    DS: Norman Billie

    Sarah, Howard, Doris, Maria, Beverly, and Norman.

    DD: Marion Betty
    DS: Alfred Van
    DD: Florence Bonnie
    DD: Jo Freeda
    DD: Evelyn Lois
    DS: Jim Clement

    Marion, Alfred, Florence, Jo, Evelyn, and Jim.

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    DS: Gideon Jude (349/162)
    DS: Brennan Milo (386/311)
    DD: Isabelle Sienna (96/260)
    DD: Emmeline Freya (907/584)
    DD/DD: Juliette Kaia (255/551) and Simone Delaney (728/268)

    DS: Marvin Preston
    DS: Ross Walter
    DD: Lindsey Julianna
    DD: Jalyn Malia
    DD/DD: Genesis Kacie and Maura Juliana
    Favourites: Lindsey Julianna and Maura Juliana
    Least Favourites: Marvin Preston and Jalyn Malia

    DS: Ben Maurice
    DS: Floyd Taylor
    DD: Tammy Ellen
    DD: Tawanda Silvia
    DD/DD: Kathy Edith and Hayley Abby
    Favourites: Floyd Taylor and Hayley Abby
    Least Favourites: Tawanda Silvia and Tammy Ellen

    DS: Monte Warren
    DS: Kris Chuck
    DD: Anna Jana
    DD: Elaina Marnie
    DD/DD: Sonja Robbie and Roxane June
    Favourites: Elaina Marnie and Monte Warren
    Least Favourites: Kris Chuck and Anna Jana (only because they rhyme)

    DS: Mario Dave
    DS: Ronny Denis
    DD: Christine Miriam
    DD: Georgina Retha
    DD/DD: Michele Corrine and Margarett Stephanie
    Favourites: Mario Dave and Christine Miriam
    Least Favourites: Margarett Stephanie and Ronny Denis

    DS: Porter Orville
    DS: Waldo Vern
    DD: Marguerite Hettie
    DD: Libby Donie
    DD/DD: Lily Dottie and Adelle Doris
    Favourites: Waldo Vern and Marguerite Hettie
    Least Favourites: Libby Donie and Adelle Doris
    [COLOR="#990099"]Aimee Keren . 18

    Under Construction

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccigirl97 View Post
    1950 boy name #906 was Ashley, girl was Richard... interesting
    In some cases, that's due to gender being recorded incorrectly, but in the case of Ashley specifically, it didn't even make the US top 1000 as a girl's name until 1964, it was much more common as a boy's name, since it's derived from a surname. The name stats are fascinating for Ashley actually, (use the rank graph if it doesn't set to that automatically).

    In the UK, Ashley is still more commonly a boy name than a girl name.

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