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    Pronounciation of Emmeline?

    Hi, still researching names!!

    Just curious to know, what is the proper/most common way to pronounce the name Emmeline?

    I really like "Emma-LYNN" but it obviously looks like it should be pronounced "Emma-LINE" which I'm not really so keen on. I've heard it pronounced both ways as well as "Emma-LEEN" which I'm also not fond of.

    Would it silly to just spell it in a more obvious way eg. Emmelynn/Emmalyn?



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    I say Emma-LEEN. If you want Emma-LYNN, I advise you to spell it Emmalyn/Emmalynn. I actually think Emmalyn(n) is much more modern and fresh than Emmeline.

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    My first instinct is Emma-LEEN, though I've heard others say Emma-LINE - I believe both are acceptable, with -LEEN being the French pronuncation and -LINE the anglicization, perhaps?

    I would not think Emma-LYNN. Like the poster above, I think you'd need a spelling like Emmalyn to get the pronunciation you're going for (kind of like the difference between Caroline and Carolyn). That particular spelling's even hovering around the top 500. You could also double-barrel her name to get something like Emma-Lynn.

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    I would say LEAN but have also heard LINE. Both I find nice.
    I would say don't mess with the spelling of this strong and iconic classic.
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